Nazar 20th September 2019 written update: Bhasmika kills Piya and Ansh commits suicide

The episode starts with Piya throwing ashes on Ansh and Ansh feels a bit weird. Bhasmika touches Ansh and Ansh gets doubtful. He asks her random questions about their past and Bhasmika worried about full moon disappearance answers yes without thinking. Ansh removes her hands and says that she’s not his Piya. Bhasmika gets angry and asks Ansh to find Piya if possible. Golden particles starts forming and Piya’s shape gets formed by her soul and Ansh sees it.

Nishant, Naman and Saanvi reaches Rathod house and informs them about Piya bveing possessed. They all rush to Ansh room only to find Ansh keeping knife around Piya’s neck. Nishant asks Ansh to not harm her as it will not hurt Bhasmika but Piya. Ansh stands confused when Bhasmika sees that full moon is about to disappear. She forcefully kisses Ansh shocking everyone and stabs Piya. Before anyone could come to terms with the brecent happenings Bhasmika gets the power and leaves Piya’s body. Piya falls dead and Ansh starts shaking her.

Everyone tries waking her but in vain. Nishant says that Piya is dead and everyone gets shocked. Ansh denies believing it and turns to find Piya’s soul missing. Lord Vishnu and Lord and Lord Shiva in front of her and gets shocked. She bows down in front of them and asks where she is. They say that she’s near heaven’s door and asks her to enter. Piya says that but she has a family and love and says that she doesn’t want to go inside. God says that all those are lies and since she’s a daivik she’s offered a place in heaven and asks her to enter inside the door. But Piya says that for her happiness, her heaven everything is only her Ansh and her children and she doesn’t want anything else.

Ansh holding Piya’s body says that he’ll not let Piya die. Everyone tries convincing him but he fails to believe. He says that even if she’s dead he’ll bring her back from death. He flies using his wings and goes out of the balcony. After that he immediately sheds his wings resulting him falling down from the top of the floor. Everyone gets shocked with this and cries for Ansh and Ansh dies.

After his death Ansh too goes to heaven and sees Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna. They says that he’s in heaven and asks him toget into the door. But Ansh too deny it saying that he doesn’t want anything other than his Piya. They say that it’s impossible to bring back a person from death. Ansh says them to make the impossible into possible as he can’t live without his Piya. He says that he once failed trusting her and will not repeat the same. God smile and Piya appears out of smoke. She gets emotional seeing Ansh. God says that it’s their test for their love and they both proved themselves as eternal lovers. They both blesses them and gives them another life.

Precap: Ansh and Piya visit their kids and everyone gets happy