Nazar 21st January 2020 Written Update: Mohana’s shocking revelation


The episode starts with Rathods wondering about how to stop Ansh from leaving the place. They recall Adrishi giving paper bits to them and tries reading out of it but couldn’t find anything. Ansh and Piya romances in their room. Avinash asks them to read the chits combined together. They crack a message that if maharsanskranti sun rays passes on Ansh he’ll be cured. But they wonder how to make Ansh stay for the day as he wants to leave by tonight.

Ansh hears them and says that they are right. He says that he’s leaving and asks Piya to come with him. Piya stops him and asks him for some time to stay there as she wants to celebrate Lohri with her family. Ansh asks is she planning to wait for the sun ti rise to defeat him and denies her request. Piya says that it’s not and the family convince him that everyone are together and wants to celebrate Lohri. Ansh agrees finally.

Naman gives his hunter to Saanvi as he’s leaving for chudail log. Saanvi asks him to think about the efforts he made to become a Revavanshi. She asks how could he forget everything and leave. Naman says that he’s helpless as Dilruba is not willing to come out of chudail log even for Dafli. Saanvi says that they should trigger her to come out of the chudail log.

The Rathods are about to light the lohri when Mohana snatches the fire using her choti. Everyone gets shocked seeing Mohana and asks how she’s there. Mohana says that it’s actually Barkha who died in the explosion and not her. Piya realizes that she was pretending to be Barkha all these while and gets shocked.

Avinash asks if she’s present then why did she made Ansh drink the ras. Mohana reveals that Chand Vishis came for her to become the rani but later she changed the plan and made them divert to make Ansh drink the ras as she very well knows that they can’t go against Ansh.

Mohana asks Ansh to kill Piya as she’ll always be a hindrance in their path. Ansh reveals Piya’s knife which he has stolen when he was romancing with her. Mohana instigates Ansh but Ansh says that he likes Piya and want her. Mohana brainwashes him that there are many other girls who are suitable for him but she’s a Daivik who can be a threat for them. She asks him to finish Piya.

Dilruba finds Naman decorating the house gnd wonders the reason for it. Naman and Saanvi acts all lovey dovey Infront of Dilruba making her angry. Ansh comes closer to Piya and Piya lights the lohri with her power. The lohri fire starts burning on Ansh. He agrees with Mohana that Piya is dangerous and is about to attack her but Piya fights him.

Precap : Piya makes the sun light fall on Ansh and the ras starts coming out of his body. Nishant collects it.

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