Nazar 21st October 2019 Written Update: Piya agrees to get married to Dev for Ansh and his family

The episode starts with Piya getting shocked seeing Ansh missing in his room and searches for him. Ansh says Dev that Piya is right and it’s all because of him. He pushes Dev and Dev gets angry. He says thar he doesn’t have any problem with him and just wants Piya. He captures Ansh using his powers and Ansh suffers. Nishant informs Pandit about the family’s weird behaviour. He says that it seems Dev has hypnotized them but Pandit says that Daivik doesn’t have that power but only Black magic has that power. Dev is about to kill Ansh but the lady Dayan stops him.

Piya informs the family about Ansh missing when Dev brings an unconscious Ansh shocking everyone. He says that he found Ansh outside and blames Piya for his condition. He calls her love selfish as she’s not accepting for the relation even after knowing that she’s harmful for Ansh. He scolds Piya ior the same. Dilruba comes with her mother and shows her Saanvi as her food. Dilruba’s mother still looked angry. Dev forces her to answer immediately and says that the more she delays the more dangerous its for Ansh. He sees Ansh moving and immediately takes his mobile. The family forces her to marry Dev and Piya stands helpless. She cries hugging Ansh and finally agrees for the marriage.

Dilruba’s mother looks at Saanvi and says that she’s so small and can never satisfy her hunger. She keeps insulting Saanvi and Saanvi gets furious. She asks her to stop it and warns to kill her. Nishant and Pandit tries finding about Dev in various books but couldn’t. Piya looks at Ansh who’s worried about the marriage. He recalls recording Dev’s conversations and asks for his mobile but Piya can’t understand it.

Dev throws the mobile from balcony and looks at the mangalsutra. The family comes to take Piya for getting ready for wedding. Piya looks helpless at Ansh and Dev too says that the marriage should happen as soon as possible to save Ansh. A drop of tear escapes Ansh eyes and Piya notices it.

The family says that all the arrangements are done and asks her to come.
Dilruba’s mother scolds Saanvi for threatening her, the most powerful chudail while Naman intervenes and introduces Saanvi as a chudail too. Piya sends Chaitali to get water and in the meantime she calls Nishant and says about the marriage. Nishant says that even he’s doubtful and asks Piya to continue the drama till he finds a way and Piya agrees.

Dilruba says that Saanvi is also a chudail just like Naman and they all acts. However her mother remains unconvinced. Nishant finds a clue from Pandit’s words. Adi and Pari comes to a tensed Piya and suggests to defeat Dev with their combined powers. Piya asks them no to do so as everyone’s life is in danger including their father. They agrees and promises to not do anything until she asks them to. Dilruba’s mothers asks Naman and Saanvi to fly in the air.

Precap : Marriage rituals to get started.