Nazar: 22nd January 2020 Written Update: ANSH STILL UNDER EVIL INFLUENCE


The episode starts with Ansh attacking Piya and Piya blocking him. He’s about to attack with Mohana’s help but the family plans it and Piya cuts the curtain. Ansh gets exposed to sunlight and the evil ras starts coming out of his body. Nishant collects it in the jar while Ansh comes back to Normal.

Mohana gets shocked seeing it and is about to drink the ras to become the queen instead of Ansh. However before that Piya snatches the jar from Nishant and throws the ras on Adrishi thus helping him gain his appearance back. Mohana leaves fuming while Ansh apologizes Piya for troubling her and trying to kill her. Piya asks him to let it go as he didn’t do it on his own.

Vedashree thanks Aayush for saving her family just like his parents but Nishant says that his name is not Adrishi but Aayush. The family gets happy and Chaitali says that they should celebrate it as Adrishi is back and Ansh also got cured. Nishant says that they can’t celebrate yet as Mohana won’t rest just like that. He says that he’s sure that she’s gone to other Kaali Shaktis for help.

Naman and Saanvi along with Dafli acts to be a perfect family in order to infuriate Dilruba. They say that they are going to get married. Dilruba fumes and asks how could they do this to her for which Naman says that what else can he do when she doesn’t want to come out of chudail log.

Mohana visits other Kaali Shakti and says about Piya snatching their Raja from them. They are still angry at her for attacking them but Mohana clears that it’s not her but Piya who fooled them. They all gets united to destroy Piya and get back Ansh to evil.

Everyone are seated in dining table when Pari pesters Aayush to play with her. Piya asks her to eat first and let Aayush eat too and then they can play. Pari sits with Aayush and the sunlight reflection falls on her silver spoon which hits Ansh. Ansh suffers due to it and falls unconscious. Everyone gets shocked.

Naman and Saanvi check for Dilruba secretly and finds her not affected by their drama. Ansh wakes up and asks what happened for which Piya says that still few amount of ras is in his body which is the reason for him fainting.

Nishant says that they could take it out only using sun rays. They see the sun is about to set and places Ansh under the sun. Ansh screams in pain when the rays fall on him. Piya unable to tolerate it covers the sun with clouds.

Naman takes Dilruba ring from her in order to give Saanvi and provokes her further. Dilruba fumes.

Precap : Ansh apologizes for not Letting her enjoy her brother’s return. Aayush gets affected by moon light.

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