Nazar 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Ayush agrees to support Mohana


Episode begins with Piya treats Ansh’s wounds and gets worried seeing his wounds are not healing. Piya’s father says Ansh is so weak right now that’s why his wounds not healing. He says Ansh have to be in the place which should be completely cool and also heavy sun rays should not reach there.Piya assures Ansh that he will be fine soon. He apologize to her, because of him her happy celebration spoiled. She says without him there is no happy moment for her.

Naman and Savi does fake engagement in front of dilruba. Mohana brings Ayush to her place. He blames her for his separation with his family. She says because of her only he is powerful today. He tries to attack her but Mohana fails his attempt.

Piya puts Ansh on ice bed but still his sweating is not decreasing. She gets worried seeing that and goes to her dad to ask about solution.

Mohana tries to brainwash Ayush against his family. She says Ayush’s father doesn’t care about him. Ayush says his father and Piya both loves him lot. She says he is in delusion and says Piya cured Ayush just for Ansh.

Piya and her father puts Ansh inside water where run rays can never reach. Ansh becomes fine and comes outside. Mohana says she will make Ayush as king instead of Ansh and asks him to support her. Ayush agrees with her. Ansh’s father thanks Piya’s father for saving Ansh life. Ansh blames himself for others struggles. All consoles him. Ansh’s mother says Ayush is not in his room.

Piya’s father meets Savi and asks about her engagement with Naman. She says it was a just a fake one and they did that to bring Dilruba out of the frame. She says Naman is really a good husband and dad too and he helped them most of the times that’s why now she is helping him. Piya’s father says Dilruba is dead and they have to make understand Naman this reality. But Savi stops him and says let Naman try. Dilruba hears their conversation.

Episode ends.

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