The episode starts with everyone searching for Ayush. Ayush who’s under evil influence is coming in the lift all determined to harm the family. When everyone are about to go out to search him. They find him coming out of the lift. When questioned about where he was Ayush says that he was visiting outside as been long since he gone out. Everyone gets convinced while Nishant asks him if any aed smokes entered his body. Ayush recalls the smoke entering him jut lies that it didn’t. He leaves to rest but hides and listens their plan. They think that may be he didn’t realise it entering the body.

Nishant scolds Saanvi for her failed plan and gets ready to go to chudail log with Dafli. They both come inside to find Dilruba missing in the photo frame. They turn to find her holding Dafli and says that it’s time to go. Ansh and Piya are in their room while Ansh acts still possessed. Piya catches him red hand and they both romance.

Ayush traps Pari in a maze and Pari shouts for help. It turns out to be Piya’s dream and she wakes up with jerk. She says Ansh about it and they both leave to kids room to check on them only ro find them sleeping. They both leave thinking it to be their dream. Ayush who’s hiding sees them gone and goes to Adi. Adi wakes up but he puts him into sleep.

Next morning Vedashree greets Ansh and Piya on the dining table. She says everyone’s sleeping today and even she feels so much sleepy. They gets surprised by it. Piya asks Vedashree to rest while she takes care of the other works. Vedashree thanks her and leaves to sleep.

Ansh goes to wakeup Pari and Adi. He tries a lot but they didn’t wake up and Ansh gets doubtful. On the other hand Dilruba hands over Dafli to Saanvi and says that she accepts their relation. Naman says that it’s fake and even their rings are fake. Dilruba says that she knows it and shows them the real rind. She says that she can’t stay there as its against world rules. She asks them to take care of Dafli and blesses her.

The while family is caught in a maze and Mohana appears in front of them. Adi and Pari couldn’t even use their. They all can hear others voice but couldn’t see the person.

Mohana troubles everyone while Ansh and Piya understands that seeing the marks in their body. Ayush pretends to be asleep to fool Ansh and Piya. Dilruba takes the ring off Naman and makes him human again. Naman begs her not to go but she says she needs to. She enters the photo frame and leaves them forever.

Precap : Mohana says that she’s going to kill everyone slowly. She tortures and everyone shouts in pain. Ansh, Piya and Nishant finds them suffering seeing the changes in their body.

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