Nazar 25th September 2019 written update :- Pari releases Mohana and Piya finds Pari’s behavior weird

The episode starts with Ansh and Pari sleeping. Mohana calls possessed Pari and asks her to take the egg. Piya wakes up upon hearing door opening sound. In the meantime, Pari exposes the egg in front of the moon and it screams. Piya searches for the source of sound only to find Pari standing in the balcony but the egg is missing. She asks Pari why’s she standing here and Pari points the moon. Piya asks her to go and sleep. She finds the laundry room open and goes to check on it but finds none. Ansh too comes there and asks Piya why’s she here. Piya explains about Pari’s weird behavior and Pari watches them hiding. However, they both let it go and leaves to their room.

Mohana instructs Pari to keep the egg safe and Pari keeps it on the bed in between her and Adi. Adi by mistake touches it in sleep and his hand burns. Before he could find the egg Pari hides it. In the meantime, Nishant scolds Naman for being careless but Naman couldn’t hear anything. He explains how his hand got burnt after touching the egg. Nishant finds that it’s something serious seeing his hands. With time his veins start popping out of his hand as the burns deepen while Nishant worries.

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नज़र 25 सितंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: – परी ने मोहना को रिहा किया और पिया को परी का व्यवहार अजीब लगा!

Mohana instructs Pari to come with the egg to her and PAri holding the egg with her plat jumps on a vehicle and reaches Mohana. Mohana praises Pari and asks her to pass the egg inside the shield to break it. Pari does as she said and the shield disappears releasing Mohana. Mohana gets extremely happy and decides to harm the family. She says that none could stop her anymore.

Mohana and Pari reach the streets and finds people celebrating and dancing. They both start dancing in front of the crowd while the crowd stands confused. They dance for a while and Mohana says that she’s tired. She freezes the people and gets their age to gain powers and Pari does the same. They both leave after extracting powers.

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Nazar: Pari releases Mohana and an evil power comes out from the egg

Piya wakes Ansh and shows him Adi standing at the edge of the balcony. They scold him for the same while Adi says that he was only searching PAri. They call family and informs about Pari missing and all get worried. However, Pari enters from the lift with the bag and everyone rushes to her. They ask about her whereabouts and Pari says that she was in the play area. They scold her and let it go.

They all are having breakfast when Piya asks Adi to show if he washed his hands. Adi shows her his hands and everyone gets shocked seeing burns on it. They ask him of the same and Adi explains last night events. Ansh calls Nishant and they discuss it. Later they understand that the egg is in the mansion and gets shocked.