Nazar 27th January 2020 Written Update: ANSH AND PIYA TRIES SAVING THEIR FAMILY

The episode starts with Ansh and Piya looking at all the other sleeping person in worry. They wonder what to do while Nishant comes there. On the other hand Mohana is troubling each one of the family member in her own way. She first makes Vedashree Bury half in the ground while Ansh and Piya can see her irregular heartbeats. She then makes Pari’s feet flow with Badal water that she screams in pain. Same way she threatens Chaitali with snakes and Adi gets crushed between walls. None of their powers work there.

Ansh, Piya and Nishant sees them suffering but stands helpless. Piya wonders that why they were experiencing real pain in dream world. Nishant explains it that for them it’s real.

Nishant says that he has a way to help them. He says that they should go to the dreamland in order to save others. They wonder what if they get caught like others. Nishant gives a glass bottle with power that could connect dream and real world. He says that he may forget about the bottle but asks him to keep it ij his hand. Once Ansh opens the bottle it will starts glowing and they could use it to escape from dream land. Later Nishant puts Ansh and Piya into sleep while Ansh is holding the glass.

Ansh and Piya comes to a dreamland where they both are in water and romances in it. Soon Piya vanishes and they both comes to a weird place where they could only each other but can’t see as they are separated by walls. Ansh and Piya shouts for each other while Mohana appears in front of both. They see her and gets shocked but as forgot the purpose they’ve came for. Piya and Ansh says that Mohana is present in front of them and they understand that it’s Mohana’s trap.

On the other hand Nishant is waiting for Ansh to open the glass bottle. Adrishi sees him and thinks that it’s time for him to do act wise. Piya attacks Mohana with knife so does Ansh but none of their powers work there. Mohana mocks at them that this is her place and none of their powers work there without her will. They gets shocked.

Ansh talks down due to Mohana’s attack and the glass bottle falls out of his hand. He feels that its important for him to open it and so opens it. Nishant sees the bottle in his hand glowing and understands that Ansh has finally reached. He’s about to place it on Ansh when Adrishi hits him from back.

Nishant gets shocked. On the other hand Mohana takes the whole family with her and they all finally meet. Chaitali faints seeing many Mohanas in front of her. On the other hand Nishant wakes up and down finds Adrishi turned evil. He understands that the smoke entered Adrishi and blames himself.

Precap : Aayush with the power of moon is about to burn whole of the Rathod family in fire.