Nazar 28th January 2020 Written Update: ANSH AND PIYA’S SHOCKING DECISION

The episode starts with Nishant finding ways to save Rathods from Aayush. Aayush comes there and asks him not to worry. He says he will do anything only in front of him and takes away everyone. On the other hand Mohana pulls the Rathods with her choti and drags them to a ship. She says that the ship will take them to moon and once they go there no one can able to come back from there and they will ve forever out of her life. Aayush too burns a fire using Moon light and makes everyone’s body float over the fire to drop it once they reach the moon in their dream land.

The ship takes off to moon while Mohana jumps out of it. Ansh and Piya tries using their power but it doesn’t work. They couldn’t understand what to do. They say that they were sleeping and don’t know how they came there. Ansh also says that he’s forgetting a very important thing but don’t know what it is.

Mohana taunts them that they can’t do anything as their powers won’t work there. Ansh recalls the glass and opens it to find if it can help them. Nishant sees the glass glowing and tries taking it but his hands and legs were tied that he couldn’t take it. After a lots of difficulties he manages to open it and Ansh and the family sees their real self using. Nishant says about them being in dreamland and they are still sleeping. Before he could inform further Aayush snatches the glass bottle from him and breaks it. They realize that they are ij dreamland and it works in any way. Aayush taunts him for taking Rathods side. Nishant says that he always takes the right side. He says they will defeat him for sure while Aayush leaves to dreamland.

Ansh thinks that it’s imaginary world and anything can happen there. He jumps out of the ship and his wings appear. He manages to stop the ship from reaching the moon. Mohana gets shocked seeing it. Nishant prays to Devi Maa to help him in saving them. He sees the Diya in front of God’s idol. He goes towards it and burns the rope with the fire then he gets released and goes to the place where they are kept. He tries waking up them throwing water on them but it doesn’t work.

Saanvi asks Naman to have something as he didn’t eat for two days but Naman doesn’t listen to her. Nishant calls Saanvi to bring a potion as its emergency. She leaves as Naman didn’t accompany her. On the other hand Aayush appears in front of Rathods shocking them. They realize that he’s Kaali Shakti Raja now. Piya blames herself for Aayush condition. They scold Mohana and agrees to Aayush wish to go to the moon as he wants it.

Precap : They all starts leaving to ship and Mohana gets happy.