Nazar 30th December 2019 Written Update: Nishant’s shocking revelation

The episode starts with Ansh and the family locking themselves inside the room. Adrishi starts coming towards them once the battery in Pari’s tablet dies down. Everyone panics not knowing what to do. Piya decides to call Nishant. Nishant and Abhay are waiting Neil Baradwaj birds to wake up to recharge the Moti. Nishant gets Piya call and Piya says about Adrishi enjoying nursery rhymes music. Nishant gives her an idea. Saanvi on the other hand checks cctv footage and finds some amount of Mohana’s Praan leaving Praan Pyaal when Abhay opens it. She understands that it’s not her imagination but Mohana was really present and panics.

Piya and family plays nursery rhymes on record player and hides. Adrishi goes to it and enjoys it while everyone sneaks out of the room. On the other hand the sun rises and The moti gets recharged by Neil Baradwaj birds. But before Nishant could get it Abhay gets it and refuses to give it back. Nishant argues with him but he doesn’t listen. Saanvi comes in search of Naman and finds only Dafli there. She finds it weird. She recalls Naman’s weird behaviour and understands that Naman is under Mohana control. She recalls seeing him near Praan Pyal. She understands that he would’ve definitely gone to Bandap. Naman recalls exchanging Praan Pyaal with duplicate one.

Piya says that there’s a way to control Adrishi. She says that Adrishi behaves like human in all ways. So they increased AC temperature in order to make him cold. She sends Adi to go through the wall and pass a jacket to him so that he can wears it. Ansh on the other hand brings ice and Piya makes the ice vapour into the room too. Adrishi feels cold and finds the jacket but catches Adi’s hands. Adi and Pari after a big struggle releases their hand. Ansh and tye family immediately rushes away.

Abhay leaves with the moti fooling Nishant. He handcuffs Nishant to a nearby tree and leaves to kill the Adrishi himself despite Nishant’s warning. Nishant finds a iron and uses it to release himself from the handcuff. On the other hand Piya goes to Bandap and tries stopping Naman but he doesn’t listen. Later she rings the bell loudly that he comes out of the hypnotism. Naman too comes out of the hypnotism but the Praan Pyaal already reached Mohana. Naman rushes to it. Adrishi is about to attack Ansh and the family. They asks the reason for him attacking them when he’s about to throw a furniture in them. Nishant comes and stops Adrishi. He says that his revenge is on him and asks him to attack him. Adrishi blames him for prisoning him for twenty years.

Nishant agrees that he’s wrong and asks him to get his revenge on him. He asks him to leave innocent Ansh and family. In the meantime Abhay comes there and points gun at Adrishi. Ansh says that he can do nothing with Adrishi but just make him more strong. Nishant shows them the bullet he made out of moti and loads it in the gun. Nishant begs him to leaves as he’s son shocking everyone.

Precap : Abhay shoots Adrishi