Nazar 30th September 2019 written update:- Deadly creature out of egg and Naman and Dilruba gets cured.

The episode starts with Ansh and Piya pouring the sacred potion on Adi’s hand and Pari and Adi get separated.Pari tries running away but Piya, Adi, Ansh and the family stops her while Pari fumes. Nishant challenges Dilruba and provokes her so that she could wake up. Saanvi also joins him and badmouths her for being a dumbo and says that it’s good that she’s dead. Naman keeps asking them what they are saying. Nishant signals him that Dilruba is dead and they stroke his neck to kill him too. They wait for Dilruba to react.

The family asks Pari to reveal what’s Mohana’s plan but she fails revealing it. Mohana watches as the eggshell breaks and an evil creature creeps out of it. Mohana watches it evilly. Dilruba finally wakes up and pushes Saanvi. She asks Naman that if he’s fine and they both hug and reconcile. Nishant having solved Dilruba problem worries about Mohana. Vedashree is feeding Adi but Pari pushes his food and behaves rudely with them. Piya and Ansh see this and feels sad for Pari. They discuss ways for rescuing Pari.

Ansh says that Mohana is not aware of them knowing about Pari’s reality. They decide to play along to rescue Pari and to know about the chudail in the egg. Nishant asks Saanvi for Naman’s collected tears and keeps a candle to float on it. The candle absorbs all the tears and Nishant gets a way to solve the problem. Pari and Adi argue over who’s better than whom. Pari in order to prove her right throws a vase on him and Adi escapes. Pari mocks him saying that she’s not alone as she has combined powers of hers and Mohana.

A terrific creature appears out of it. Nishant tries a way to stop Naman’s tears and thankfully it works too. Naman’s tears stops and they get happy. The family discusses Adi and Pari and of ways to destroy Mohana. Piya says that it’s them who are going to help them destroy Mohana.

However, they say that they are powerless unlike them and can’t do anything. Piya says that they have destroyed evils many times without any powers as their trust on them is their power. Suddenly they lift opens and Nishant, Naman, Saanvi, and Dilruba enter through it. Chaitali gets feared to see Dilruba.

Dilruba says that she’s harmless now and Nishant supports her too. Mohana inserts her chudail her in that creature and it turns into a Dayaan woman. Adi keeps Pari busy on Adi and Piya’s insistence so that she doesn’t get to know of their plan. Naman gets cured of his hearing aid. Everyone gets ready to destroy evil.

Precap: Everyone gets ready and Dilruba says that it’s useless as the egg is broken now and the enemy is out.