Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Update: Ansh and Piya caught with Van Vedhals

The episode starts with the man eater pulling Piya off the vehicle and Piya tries attacking him. However he says that Saanvi and Naman are with them and they stop. On the other side Naman and Saanvi run away in order to escape the man eaters. They run long and Naman falls unable to tolerate anymore. He says about escaping from the people but Saanvi says that they are not people but creatures called Van Vedhals. Naman gets shocked and worries about how to escape.

Saanvi says about the leader going at the back of Ansh and Piya. They gets worried when all of a sudden all the Van Vedhals appear in front of them and captures them. They are taken to the same place where Ansh and Piya are there. They all tried using their powers but none work much to their shock. The Van Vedhals say that the jungle belongs to them and none could control powers here except them. Piya tries controlling the trees using her Daivik power but it doesn’t work. They all gets worried about what to do.

Ansh blames Piya for the mess for planning a trip in the jungle and also giving lift to the guy. Piya tries arguing but Ansh mocks her. Piya accepts her mistake.

Nishant and others rushes to the two places where the trees will be present while Vedashree scolds Adi and Pari. On the other hand Ansh and Piya wonders about what they want from them.

Naman says that they are gonna eat them but they deny saying that though their powers are not useful there but they can be useful for them. He asks them to join them and become Van Vedhals shocking them. They asks them to either become Van Vedhals or die there. They asks for some time to decide.

Nishant and Vedashree comes to first place but doesn’t find Dafli there. They realize that Dafli is in the other place where they’ve sent Shekhar, Chaitali and Avinash. Shekhar, Chaitali and Avinash finds Dafli on road and is about to rush to her but finds truck approaching her. To their shock Dafli gets on the truck and disappears. They all wonder how to answer Naman.

Naman gives an idea to Ansh and they all starts chanting prayers that Vedhals couldn’t tolerate it and falls down unconscious. Making use of the opportunity they run away. On the other side the doctor finds the roots coming out more and more and understands that Mohana is right. He gets worried and calls her ward.

Once they come out of the jungle Piya reveals her plan if hitching Naman and Saanvi together. They find Saanvi caught by head Vedhal and it starts eating her. Naman attacks him and holds him from back while Saanvi kills him with her hunter. Saanvi gets worried for Naman and hugs him.

Precap : Ansh and his family tries trapping an unstable Mohana with fake affection.