Nazar 3rd February 2020 Written Update: Rathods to fool Mohana

The episode starts with Adi and Pari still sear for Dafli. They feel bad about losing her. They recall Nishant saying about calling her three times to appear. They do the same but get disheartened when nothing happens. They go to their room to find Dafli there and gets very happy. Naman and everyone returns home and Naman lifts Dafli. He asks if Dafli troubled them but they hided about her missing. He finds Jungle leaf with her and wonders about it. Nishant ij order to divert Naman’s attention asks about Van Vedhals and how did they escape from it. He asks why did they go to jungle.

Naman recalls Piya saying that she got them there to bring him and Saanvi closer. Ansh lies that it’s because of their vehicle they suffered in jungle. Naman says about chanting Hanuman Chalisa to kill them. Saanvi says that it’s Naman who fought the head Van Vedhal bravely to save her. Naman says that it’s Saanvi who actually hit the arrow to kill him. They both have an eyelock. Ansh and Piya finds sparks in their relation. Piya gets itching sensation with a blue mark on her neck.\

Ansh and Piya retire to bed and Piya says about Naman and Saanvi coming closer. They both sleep. Saanvi puts Dafli to sleep and is about to leave but Naman asks her to stay for the night in guest room. Saanvi agrees and leaves. At midnight a voice wakes up Piya and someone hypnotize her. Dafli cries in sleep and Saanvi and Naman rushes to her. They sleeps on chair beside her on her insistence. Next day morning Ansh wakes up to find the whole balcony decorated with plants and flowers. Piya comes there and asks if he liked the surprise. Ansh feels weird and says that it looks like a jungle. Piya says that the reason she decorated the whole house using it. Vedashree comes rushing and calls them out.\

They both go downstairs where Avinash says about an angry patient who attacks staffs and doctors. He shows the photo and everyone gets shocked seeing Mohana. They all gets confused. Mohana is taken in ambulance to another place for her violent behaviour. She comes there but attacks the staff and is about to escape when Ansh and his family comes there. She calls them her enemies who sent her to moon. They say they are not and convinces her that they are her family. They recalls Nishant saying that Mohana lost her powers because of medicine given to her and they need to convince that she’s a normal human being for reducing further troubles. Mohana goes with them.\

Naman and Saanvi gets Nishant’s call about Mohana and they both rush. Saanvi tries testing the tablets one by one to find the reason for Mohana losing powers but impatient Naman haves it. Nishant and Piya removes all the pictures and replace it with Mohana’s to avoid getting doubt. In the process Piya and Ansh marriage picture breaks. Mohana comes home and gets surprised seeing her welcome. They convince her that she’s not Ayan and it’s her imagination. Mohana believes it.\

Precap : Mohana on seeing Devi Maa idol understands she’s a Dayan.