Nazar 4th February 2020 Written Update: Rathods to keep Mohana in dark

The episode starts with Piya asking Nishant that till when they need to hide from Mohana. Nishant says her to wait till Mohana gets convinced that she’s a normal human and not any Dayan. Piya appears in front of Mohana and she starts panicking calling her Daivik. She has vague memories of Piya attacking her with the help of Ansh. She gets hyper and says that they all were lying and he has married a Daivik. She asks if she isn’t his wife while Ansh finds it difficult to manage.

However Chaitali comes to his rescue and says that they were husband and wife but not anymore as they’ve separated long back. She says that they had a fight 5 years back and till then they are not together. Mohana doesn’t believe at first but later agrees on family’s insistence. Nishant takes Piya aside and asks her to not come in front of Mohana as she may gets hyper. Piya understands the situation.

Naman gets into inebriated state due to the effect of medicines and confesses his love for Saanvi. He says that he wants to live his life with her but couldn’t get himself to confess it. Saanvi gets shocked and surprised hearing it. He soon falls unconscious. Saanvi wakes him up and Naman asks if he said something in his inebriated state. He asks her to not take it serious.

Saanvi asks him to ready as they need to go to Piya’s house. Saanvi and Naman comes to Piya’s house and everyone are present there. Nishant says that Piya should be away from Mohana as if she gets angry and her powers may return. He says that Mohana lost her powers due to the medicine and Saanvi shows them the medicine bottles. Nishant says that Mohana is aware that she lost her powers due to the medicine’s effect and will not have. He asks them to give it by mixing in her food or in the form of spray.

Ansh comes in search of Piya and finds her in between plants. Piya says that she’ll stay there while Ansh finds it weird. He finds her turning Red streaks and constant itching in her body. They wonder if any poisonous plants scratched her. Saanvi is upset at Naman for not speaking his heart out. She gets Nishant’s call about a proposal and agrees to give it a try. On the other Naman is worried about his confession. Chaitali and Vedashree brings coffee for a sleeping Mohana. Chaitali while is about to mix the medicine it falls down and breaks. Vedashree mixes it right but ot gets late as Mohana recalls her memory and drops the coffee. She blames them for lying.

However Ansh sprays the medicine on her on right time and Mohana calms down. She says Ansh that she doesn’t like Piya and will find a better girl for him. Naman tries convincing Saanvi against the proposal but Saanvi gets irritated and says that she’s going to give her nod for it.

Precap : Mohana is about to see Ansh and Piya together.