Nazar 4th November 2019 Written Update: Kalashree succeeds in capturing Ansh and Piya

The episode starts with Piya hearing some sounds in the bathroom only to find Ansh taking a bath. She realizes in a moment that he’s not Ansh but someone else. Piya asks him Where’s Ansh and the evil Ansh mocks her. Piya breaks the mirror so that he doesn’t capture her but the evil Ansh had other plans. He captures her with the reflection in water and Dayaan Piya comes out. Piya too gets stuck in the water.

Nishant and Pandit see Piya being captured and wonders what could be done. Pandit lost hope for fighting while Nishant still had hope on Adi and Pari. Kalashree says that she was Vedashree as its difficult to capture Ansh and Piya but now that’s also done and gets happy. However she says that she has one more threat still left and evil Avinash says that if its Mohana. Vedashree laughs it off saying that she’s useless but she’s talking about Ansh and Piya kids.

Nishant is finding a way to get them out of the mirror but couldn’t find one. He realizes that it can be happened only if they Dayaan heer and using it they could break the mirror and get them out. Pandit and Nishant leaves to get the Dayan heer. In the meantime Naman is wondering about Saanvi’s condition and wonders how he’s going to fulfill it. Dilruba comes there and finds him worried and asks what happened. He says about Saanvi and she asks if she troubled him again. He said no and but Dilruba acts all mad at Saanvi.

Ansh tries breaking the mirror in which they are locked in but he couldn’t do anything. Then Piya tries breaking it with her her Devi maa knife but Kalashree flops it and it bounces back again at Ansh getting him hurt. Everyone gets worried for Ansh. Ansh tries healing himself but it doesn’t work. Kalashree says that this Dayaan sheesh world belongs to her and no one’s power works in it. She make them surrounded by Dayan vriksh roots and Ansh orders it to leave but it doesn’t listen. They realize that their powers doesn’t work there. Chaitali gets stuck by one of the root but Ansh rescues her.

Kalashree releases Vedashree and Shekhar from the lift and they both enter the home. Shekhar sees the mirror and he gets captured and his Dayan form comes out unaware of Vedashree. Later Vedashree finds his behaviour weird. Kalashree calls Adi and Paul out using different ways but they didn’t open the door. Adi peeps out to find Dayaan and they both escape.

Vedashree finds everyone’s behaviours weird and gets worried about. She finds Avinash running away from prasad, Shekhar constantly looking at mirror admiring him and Chaitali hearing even fly sounds. She says the same to Ansh and and Piya who behaves rude with her and taunts her for questioning. Vedashree gets taken back with their cold behaviours.

Nishant and Pandit on their way to get Dayan heer finds Shekhar also captured and worries. Naman hears Choti Pailwan asking for Dilruba’s jewels.

Precap : Vedashree meets Kalashree