Nazar 7th February 2020 Written Update: Piya shocks Mohana

The episode starts with Ansh and Piya fighting fake to fool Mohana. Mohana comes there and and Ansh speaks so high of her in order to trap her into believing that he really loves her. Piya too says that she’s not worried for him but for her children. Mohana asks them not to fight and says that guests are downstairs. She asks Piya to leave from here as the guests have arrived for his swayam vadhu. Piya says that she only cares about her children while Mohana promises her that she will make sure to find a bride who will be a good mother for their children. Piya gets convinced. Mohana leaves and Ansh asks Piya to stick to the plan but Piya seems to have other plans.

Ansh comes down with his family and informs that everything happens as their plan. Vedashree says about Nishant saying that Mohana will lose her powers completely after two days and they need to do this drama only till then. Ansh hopes that everything goes well. Naman is waiting all sad for Saanvi and her fiancee. He asks Dafli to find about Saanvi and help him in knowing their talks. Just then the fiancee father comes there and asks what’s he doing there. Naman says that he’s just playing with his daughter as she loves nature. He asks him to show him around the house and he gets irked.\

Mohana introduces all the brides to Ansh when all of a sudden they hear music. Piya comes there and Ansh looks at her shocked. She says that since Ansh is moving on his life then she should also movie on and decides to conduct her swayam vat too on the same day. She calls her grooms and everyone comes there shocking the family. Piya introduces all the grooms and selects Sameer Malhotra as her groom. A jealous Ansh too selects a girl named Natasha as his bride.

Mohana gets happy and decides to do their wedding in the nearby auspicious day but Piya says the groom that she can’t wait much and says that their marriage will happen the next day. Ansh too says that their marriage will happen the next day. Everyone leaves and Mohana gets happy.

Nishant comes to Visharika’s place and finds that she’s more evil and powerful than he thought. He gets Ansh’s call who says about Piya’s stunt and Nishant gets worried. He gets caught by Visharika’s plans but gets saved by Dayan Rahasya book as Dayan is the biggest enemy of Visharika. Ansh scolds Piya for her stunt while Piya says that she’s not doing any drama. She taunts him for choosing Natasha too but Ansh tries making her understand. However she doesn’t listen and Ansh gets frustrated. She finds Sameer who gifts her a necklace and she goes to try it. In the meantime Ansh throws Sameer out of the house and asks him not to return ever.

Mohana is arranging for Ansh’s wedding and the family decides to clear with Natasha family. To their shock Sameer comes dressed as a groom while Piya gets ready as bride.

Precap : Ansh asks Piya to stop it but she doesn’t listen