Nazar 7th January 2020 Written Update: ANSH, ABHAY AND NISHANT RUSH FOR PARI’S RESCUE

The episode starts with Naman holding Barkha and asks what new drama she’s planning. He says that she has made him come here for getting Dayan to get her choti back by blackmailing him with Dafli. Then why did she come in the pretext of somebody else. He says that she’s an Ayan but powerless but he’s a chudail and don’t mess with him. Barkha gets shocked and looks at his feet terrified.

Pari and Adi comes there and asks Naman to see their drawing. Vedashree too welcomes Naman. Barkha says Vedashree about Naman attacking her. Vedashree asks why and Pari say6 that he would’ve misunderstood her too as Mohana. Vedashree clears him that she’s not Mohana but Barkha, governess for children. Barkha leaves while her footprints are visible in the paint.

Barkha goes to her room and wonders about the strange house. She then recalls Naman’s words and understands that he’s here for either Ansh or Pari. She’s about to alert them but Naman stops her with his birds. He makes her unconscious with the drug and apologizes her.

He says he saw her footprint and understood that she’s a normal human being. But she got to know everything and he has to do this for his Dafli. He leaves tyeing her hands, legs and mouth. Adi and Pari hear weird bird sounds from Barkha room and decides to inform Ansh about it.

Vedashree gets Nishant’s call who says her about Naman being a danger. Ansh hears it and Adi informs him about strange sounds from Barkha room. Ansh asks Where’s pari.

Naman comes to Pari and kidnaps her with Dayan sleeping potion. Ansh rushes to Pari only to find her disappeared. He gets reminded of Barkha and goes to her room while the family is removing the ties if her. She says about Naman being blackmailed by Mohana. Ansh gets angry on Naman and blames himself for not taking care of Pari.

Nishant comes there and says that he has a way. He introduces Makshit Pari who made the Dayan sleeping potion and it can lead them to Pari. The Makshit pari fears seeing Barkha but then leaves its fear once it identifies no Kaali Shakti in her.

Makshit Pari guides and Nishant follows it. Naman brings Pari to the dungeon. Pari asks why did he bring her here and is he going to hurt her. Naman denies and asks her to trust him.

Barkha thanks Abhay for helping them and Abhay says that it’s his duty. Abhay takes care of Barkha who’s in car with Nishant and Ansh. Ansh is angry on Naman and Nishant asks him not to. He says Naman knows they will use Makshit Pari to trace them. Mohana comes there and Naman and Pari tricks her and Naman gets Dafli while Pari gets her choti. Nishant captures Mohana.

Precap : Nishant, Naman and Ansh drag Mohana to the car when Mohana uses her magic and makes Pari get thee choti attached to her. Barkha sees it shocking.