Nazar 7th November 2019 Written Update: Kalashree succeeds in performing Dayan Jod with Vedashree

The episode starts with Kalashree threatening Vedashree to break the mirror if she doesn’t budge her. Ansh tries breaking it with the heere but fake Ayan breaks it before he could. Everyone gets shocked with it and Vedashree cries hard. Chaitali sees children sneaking out and Kalashree asks them to let them go. They signal Mohana and proceeds with their plan. The kids search for any mirror in the house but couldn’t find any as everything was broken by Ansh before hand. They worry about it.
Kalashree says Vedashree that they still have chances to save her family. She says that till the moonlight passes through them they could be save but she has only ten minutes and asks her to make a decision fast. Vedashree agrees for Dayan Jod as she wants to save her family. Mohana asks her not to but Vedashree says that nothing is more important to her than her family. Mohana says that she doesn’t care about any family and is about to stop then but the fake Piya and Chaitali stops her.

Vedashree and Kalashree leave to start the ritual. In the meantime Pari cries and Adi wipes her tears. He sees her tears and gets some idea. He takes her to the bath tub and fills it with water. In the meantime the Dayan Jod gets almost completed.

Kalashree joins her braid with Vedashree and performs the ritual. She says the last step is here and cuts her wrist and sheds the blood on floor. She asks her to do the same in order to save their family. She warns her to do it with her whole heart else it would be go useless. In the meantime Mohana fights the Dayans saying that she’s not any normal dayan but Ayan and rushes to stop Vedashree. Adi and Pari’s after filling the water fills the tub with the Kala smoke. Ansh and others find Pari helping them.

Ansh and Piya holds the heere together and comes out of the tub followed by Chaitali, Shekhar and Avinash. They all gets happy and rushes to stop Vedashree. But to their utter disappointment they find Vedashree cutting her wrist and both Vedashree and Kalashree turns into ashes. They cry for her and Mohana forwards to destroy the ashes.
Naman gives the jewelleries to Saanvi and Dilruba sees it. She cries that he’s cheating on her and Naman gets confused. Saanvi gets furious at Naman while Naman says that he’s innocent. Ansh stops her saying that he will not let her destroy her mother. Mohana says that Vedashree is already gone and the one coming out of it will be only Maha Dayan. Ansh asks Nishant does he have any other way to break the Jod and Nishant know anything about it.

Precap : Mohana asks them to listen to her as if Maha Dayan coned out then it will be impossible to defeat it.