Nazar 7th October 2019 written update:- Nishant breaks the spell and Rathods gets attacked

The episode starts with Vedasree crying and saying that she has hided a truth from them. She says that she never expected Mohana and her mother to come back as it was over long back. Nishant wonders about reversing the magic spell as it’s eating off people.

Dilruba says that they need to remove the spell and then gets an idea that she herself will remove the spell. Nishant and Saanvi protests but Dilruba doesn’t listen. She says that she doesn’t understand Dayaan language and asks them not to worry. She tears off the page and tears it into bits and cramps.

Vedasree says that the truth is related to her childhood and she never informed them about it as she thought that she left it back long back. She says that in Dayaan clan. If one becomes Dayaan then the next gen will be an Ayaan. Pratima is a Dayaan but she doesn’t like Mohana. She wants Vedasree to become an Ayaan. But Vedasree is against it and believes Devi maa. She also says that that’s the reason she wants to defeat Devi maa and prove herself to be more powerful than Devi maa and so chose this big day of vijayadashmi. Nishant drops the bits into a potion and its gets disappeared. Nishant says that they should drink the potion so that they won’t get affected by Pratmayan’s spell. Dilruba drinks it first. The Rathods are ready with weapons for fighting with Pratmayan. Nishant says that they should give the potion to Vedashree’s family too.

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नज़र 7 अक्टूबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: – निशांत ने जादू टोना किया और राठोड़ों पर हमला हुआ

They all leave in car to Rathods and see Pratmayan’s bakths entering the building. Saanvi runs to stop them but falls down. Vedasree and family prays in front of Durga maa to defeat Pratmayan.

Nishant asks Saanvi to run but she couldn’t move. Naman along with other bakths approach Saanvi. Dilruba tries calling Naman but he’s still under spell. Chaitali and Vedasree are dancing Dandiya in front of Durga Maa. Nishant takes Saanvi and asks everyone to go at the back side of car. He takes a potion and sprinkles on them and their eyes too turn gold. Naman and his bakths gets fooled that they are also under spell and leaves.

Nishant sees that bakths have already reached the floor of Rathods. He takes help of Dilruba and asks her to reach before them. Rathods sees the bakths and increase the music volume so that they can’t hear the spell chants. Nishant reaches there but Naman breaks the music system. However Dilruba splashes the potion in time saving them. Naman and his gang tries attacking Rathods as they are not bakths.

Chaitali tries attacking them but Ansh stops her as they are innocent and are just under spell. Nishant searches for the powder and finds it on floor. Ansh gets it using his powers and throws it on themselves. Their eyes turns golden.

Precap : Vedasree says that Pratmayan is here. Pratmayan comes with her army.