Nazar 9th October 2019 written update: Pratimayan to kill the Rathods?


The episode starts with Piya asking Adi to bring the conch in her mind. Adi runs to bring ot while Pratima sends Pari behind him to catch him. She scolds Vedashree for being stubborn and not listening to her. Pari blocks Adi but Adi runs dodging her.

Pratimayan releases Dayaan form scaring everyone. She says that when children behave adamant then it’s mother’s duty to correct them. Vedashree feels disgusted to be referred as her blood. She holds the whole family in her plat and says that they will get punished for Vedashree’s mistakes.

Vedashree pleads her to leave them. Adi takes the conch and is about to leave but Pari stops him. Pari asks him to give her the conch but Adi runs away with the conch but couldn’t find a way to escape. He then throws the shank from balcony. Pratimayan starts sucking the lives of the Rathods. Piya sees the conch falling and asks Vedashree to catch it. Vedashree runs to catch it but Pari holds it in her plat and brings it to Pratimayan. Piya says that she can’t do anything as this is not any normal conch.

She says thar it’s God’s blessed conch and the can’t destroy it. Pratima and Mohana decides to prove them wrong. Everyone cries and asks Pari to not give it to her as she’ll will kill her whole family. They asks Pari to think about her family. Mohana asks Pari to give the conch to her. Pari forwards the conch to Mohana. Piya prays Devi maa and Pari gets out of the the spell and starts blowing the conch. Mohana, Pratima and her army couldn’t bear the sound. In the meantime Piya sees the Ram Sethu Ban being made by Devi maa. They gets it shocking everyone. Vedashree says that Devi maa never let down her bakths. Piya shoots the Ram Sethu Ban on Pratimayan.

Pratimayan struggles while Vedashree says that this what will happen when evil tries to defeat good. Pratimayan asks is she enjoying her mother’s end. Vedashree says thar she never considered her as her mother and says that for her her Devi maa is her only mother. Pratimayan says that she’s doing the same mistake again which she did years back. Pratimayan dies and Pari rushes to Nishant. Pratimayan’s plat emerges out of her ashes. Nishant asks Piya to stop Moh from getting Pratimayan’s plat as she’ll become equally powerful. Piya takes the plat before Mohana could have it.

Vedashree scolds Mohana for still being at the back of powers even after seeing their mother’s death. Mohana says that she never considered her daughter and she too don’t have any feelings for her. Ansh says that it’s because she very well know whatever you did for her is not for her but for herself. She says that she wants to become Pratimayan. Ansh and family stands against her. She says that she’ll dome back for her plat. The family wonders about what to do with the plat.

Precap : Piya tries reviving her broken knife but couldn’t do it. She says that it’s time for leaving it

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