Nazar: Ansh and family celebrates Ansh’s birthday

Star Plus supernatural show Nazar is seeing some major points these days in their story line. Earlier it’s seen that Mohana kills the Visharika in Piya but a new trouble arises as Mohana turns back into an Ayaan and enters the Rathods mansion. Now it will be seen that Ansh and his family will be celebrating his birthday while Mohana have another deadly plan in her mind.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Nishant plans to turn Mohana into Ayaan in order to save Piya from Visharika. As expected Mohana turns inti Dayan and fights with Piya who’s now a Visharika. Mohana kills the Visharika and throws her out of the balcony but Ansh saves her on time. Later Nishant says while they were busy watching out for Piya Mohana escaped the place. He’s also sure that she’ll come back to get revenge for sure. Mohana enters the house shocking everyone.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Mohana realizes that someone is going to take away her Ayaan powers from her and decides to find the person behind it. She tries taking Pratimayan help but Pratimayan denies helping her. On the other hand Nishant too gets aware of the day sis upcoming danger and worries for the Rathods safety. In the meantime Ansh and the family will be celebrating his birthday while Mohana’s all plans to find the person fails. Later Pandit takes everyone’s kundali on Nishant saying but hides the real reason from them. While the family will be celebrating the birthday Mohana makes her entry with another evil motive.

Who’s the person who can take away Mohana’s power? Is it someone from Ansh and Piya’s family?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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