Nazar :- Ansh and Piya goes in a quest to destroy the sword

Star Plus supernatural popular daily titled as “Nazar” is ready with some edge of the seat drama with the upcoming story of the show. As per the current track, Divya, who is a riva vanshi and Piya’s mother, in short, a devotee of positive energy collaborated with Mohana who is a promoter of negative energy. Both of them want the magical sword to fulfill their own wishes.

Hence, in one line, the sword being in the hands of either Divya or Mohana can bring bad omen not only for Rathore family but also for many other innocent lives. Hence, the magical sword should not be placed in any of the hand.

In the last episode, none of the family members but only Ansh and Piya’s son Aditya is able to take out the sword from the crystal ball. As Adi is a son of a daivik and a davansh both. However, the appearance of the sword is nothing but a sign of destruction. Hence, Ansh and Pia are dread against of using the sword with a wrong motive which can cost them a heavy penalty.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a thriller ride with Ansh and Piya goes out in quest of destroying the cyclonic sword from causing harm to anybody. On the other hand, Mohana and Divya will get caught in a magical dome created by Piya. To get out of it, Divya and Mohana will trick Vedashree in name of water but Adi saves her. Later on, Mohana tries to harm Vedashree which made Chaitali agree to unlock the dome.

Here Ansh and Pia are getting to face many hurdles in their way of Patal Agni Jharna where the sword can get destroyed. Will Ansh and Piya be able to complete their mission impossible? Will Adi be able to protect the family from Mohana and Divya? Stay tuned for all the necessary updates.