Star Plus supernatural show Nazar is seeing some major points these days in their story line. Earlier it’s seen that Barkha, Ansh, Piya, Nishant and Adrishi confuse Mohana and stop her from getting the ras and becoming the Queen of Kaali Shakti. Now it will be seen that the protectors of Kaali Shakti will try to select a queen for themselves by kidnapping Mohana, Barkha and Pari hypnotizing them.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Pratimayan will give the chaand ras to Mohana for her to become the Queen of Kaali Shakti. But Barkha comes there disguising as Dayan and confuses Pratimayan about who’s the real Mohana. Adrishi helps Barkha to pass all the tests by Mohana proving her Dayan.

Mohana tries taking the ras herself but Ansh and Piya stops her. Adrishi pours the ras on floor making him partially visible. Later the two moons unite fooling Mohana’s plan. Nishant finds five people taking away the remaining ras and those strange people visit Rathod mansion shocking them.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that those strange people are called Chaand Vishi who are actually protectors of the King or Queen of Kaali Shakti. They are there for Barkha to choose her as the Queen but Ansh and Piya stops them on time. Later they kidnap Barkha and will also take Pari with them. When Pari denies going with them they hypnotise her.

Will Ansh and Piya able to save Pari and Barkha? Who will be the King or Queen of Kaali Shakti?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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