Nazar :- Dispute between Ansh and Piya

It seems like Indian television can never know the real meaning of having a happy married life thanks to their never-ending problems and twist and turns in the shows. Hardly the audience of every show gets maximum one or two episodes of their choice to rejoice in the happiness of their favorite characters.

Star Plus supernatural flick titled as Nazar is one such instance for the regular audience of it. The show has a talented lead and a villain in the form of dayaan but still, the fans of Ansh and Piya hardly gets at least one full episode minusing the agonies and hurdles. As per the current story, Mohana trapped Vadashree’s life in a jar and now she is out to blackmail Pia in name of it. She gives Piya an ultimatum with a threat that if she fails to fulfill the promise she has given then she can stop the breaths of Vedashree anyway.

The regular viewers of the daily witnessed in the last episode that Piya announced in front of the whole family that she wants to give Vedashree medicine which annoyed Ansh to an extent. Though later on he reconciles with her and thinks she must have some good intention behind it. This made Mohona fumes in anger and she again threatens Piya.

Tonight Pia will start to give Vedashree medicine. Vedashree will get assured that Pia can cure her of her state with this medicine. Whereas, Mohana will ask Piya to maker herself bad in front of all specially Ansh’s eyes. Later on, the tables are turned in a manner that Piya and Ansh will get distanced from each other. As per the recent promo, soon Piya will do something which makes Ansh angry so much that she will run for her life whereas Ansh will vow to avenge her for her deeds.

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