Nazar; Mohana to create troubles for Piya

Seems like there is no end to the miseries and hurdles in the life of Piya and Ansh. Star Plus supernatural show titled as Nazar produced by 4 Lions film production of Gul Khan is seeing a new twist everyday with Mohana comes up with something new to trouble Piya and Ansh.  

Seems like there is no end or modification of Mohana’s endless conspiracies against Ansh and the whole family. In the recent past episode it was revealed that Vedashree and Mohana are sisters by rakt relation which is in simple words is nothing but blood relation.

Mohana if get to know about it can take advantage of it for making Vedshree hurt by it. Actually, she wants to take revenge from Vedashree for burning her once.

In the latest episode of the show Mohana in a quest to destroy Ansh powers and accomplish her evil plans played some dirty games. She made Ansh believe that it was Mohana inside the veil whereas it was Vedashree inside it. Piya comes at the right point for his rescue and saves Vedashree.

Later it was revealed that Mohana did it all to snatch wings from Ansh and makes him commit a sin. Later on Piya warns Mohana to stay away from her son and family.

In tonight’s episode Mohana will fetch a plan against Piya to make her bad from all. She vows to make her do as per her wish and slowly she will be left alone away from the entire family. She will make Piya do things against Ansh wish.

Piya and Ansh will get into arguments frequently due to her plottings. With Mohana trying every bit to make Piya away from Ansh and family will be able to save herself and also continue to be a protector of the family?

What will be Mohana’s next plan?For more such updates keep reading this space.