Nazar: Palak returns to Appu’s house

Star Plus supernatural show Nazar is back with season 2 after a successful completion of first season. The new season is equally loaded with exciting twists and turns as much as the first season making the viewers hooked to the show.

As reported earlier Madhulika will try her best to stop the wedding but to her shock the wedding takes place. In the process of stopping the wedding she uses extreme power and she goes powerless temporarily. Now it will be seen that Palak runs away knowing about Appu mentally ill but comes back soon clearing the misunderstandings.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Madhulika who is a Dayan couldn’t enter the temple to stop the wedding. She tries to kill Palak but she gets saved by God. Palak meets with Appu’s family who’s not aware of Appu being mentally unstable.

Appu’s family too isn’t aware of the hole in her heart. They both proceed with the marriage ritual. Madhulika uses all her powers to stop the wedding but Palak’s Daivik power will defeat it. Later APPU and Palak gets married and Madhulika goes powerless temporarily.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Madhu gets shocked with the marriage but soon realizes that Palak doesn’t know Apou’s truth. Palak gets shocked on her wedding night and runs away. Urvashi and Daadi goes to her house and clears the misunderstanding.

Palak too reveals she has hole in her heart and doesn’t have much time left. Urvashi is sure that Palak is the right girl for Appu. Later Palak comes back to the house while Madhu starts her ritual to get her powers back.

Will Madhulika gets her powers back? Will Palak be able to save Appu from Madhu and cure him?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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