Star Plus supernatural show Nazar is back with season 2 after a successful completion of first season. The new season is equally loaded with exciting twists and turns as much as the first season making the viewers hooked to the show.

As reported earlier the first season ends on a good note where Ansh and Piya ends the evil Mohana taking the Dayan’s Nazar out of their life completely. In the second season it’s a complete new story of Apoorv who’s mentally unstable. Apoorv’s whole family is under the scrutiny of evil Dayan’s Nazar and they find ways to escape the Dayan’s Nazar.

The biggest twist in the tale arrives when it is revealed that the Dayan who wants to kill Apoorv is none other than his own sister Madhulika (a lookalike of Mohana from season 1). Madhulika has already killed her own father and fellow neighbours who has got to know about her secret.

On the other hand there’s Palak who’s a Daivik is ill treated by her Maama and Maami along with her sister Naina. Palak rejects all her prospective grooms as she has a hole in her heart. Palak lives for the welfare of her sister Naina tolerating the abuses of her Maama and Maami.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Narmada Daadi finds a prospective bride for Apoorv and Madhulika gets determined to spoil the alliance as if Apoorv gets married then all her plans would go in pain.

Palak comes to the house to deliver sweets where the wedding of Apoorv takes place. As planned by Madhulika she manages to kill Apurv’s bride. Palak’s Maama and Maami devise a devious plan by hurting Naina to make Palak agree to get married to Apoorv.

Will Palak agrees to marry Apoorv? Will Madhulika manages to stop the marriage?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Nazar , stay tuned to this space.