Nazar Upcoming Story; Ansh to fight against Mohona for Adi

There is a saying that nothing can stop a parent when it comes to give safeguard to their child. A father and mother is no less if you try to harm their child. This theory is not only about human beings but also proves among animals and creatures

too. The story of Star Plus last night supernatural show”Nazar” is also quite similar to this. Since the time Ansh by doing a lot of effort finally succeeded in making everyone remember their life and bring them to normal.

Mohona is creating trouble for them regarding Aditya. She never left a moment of harming Aditya. Well currently in the show she is again playing with Ansh and Piya emotion for Aditya.

In the last episode of the show we had seen that Mohana was escaping via bus with Adi and Ansh spots her. When she saw that Ansh is coming to save his son, she smirked and reveals her true self in bus and started to drive the bus herself.

On the other hand Naman is getting trapped in the web of innocence and sweetness of Dilruba. Saanvi is trying her best to put some.sense in him but all this is going to deaf ears. Here in the family Vedashree health condition is getting deteriorated as her wound area was giving her enough trouble. Well in today’s episode of the show the regular audience will get to see Piya will step in between the fight of Ansh and Mohana. Ansh will call Piya and asks her to come there to save Adi.

Mohana will find Piya jumping in the roof of the bus and glares at her. She tried to harm Piya but instead got punch on face by her. Meanwhile, Ansh is able to gain two wings miraculously by an unknown natural power to fight against Mohana. Mohana threatens both Ansh and Piya to hurt their son Adi.

Later on, Karan gets a rescue in form of Ansh as he flies down to him. Panna also come and join hands with Ansh to help him with her powers. In short an action filled episode is awaiting for the viewers of Nazar.