The episode starts with Mohana coming in front of Abahy’s car and stops him. Ansh and the family worries for Abhay and calls his headquarters and home but couldn’t find where he is. Ansh gets Abahy’s call but none answers from the other side. He puts the call on speaker.

They hear Mohana’s voice who asks Abhay to reveal the plan of Rathods. They gets shocked and is about to rush to rescue him but Piya stops them. She says that they can’t find where he is and Abhay wants them to listen Mohana’s talks and that’s why called them. Mohana threatens Abhay to kill him if he doesn’t reveal.

Abhay agrees shocking everyone. But Abhay tricks Mohana and makes them hear her plan of visiting a place where two moon is present to increase her powers. They worry for Abhay as he provokes Mohana.

Mohana says that this place doesn’t deserve such a honest officer. Abhay says that if not this law the God’s justice will definitely punish her.

Mohana asks him to go there and fight her case. She ears his soul and kills him. She takes the phone and says that today because of them another person lost his life. He says that he will end whole of their lives forever.

Ansh and his family mourns over Abahy’s death. Barkha was the most affected. Piya says that they should stop it now as another innocent person has lost their life because of them today.

They should just accept their fate. Barkha says that they shouldn’t. She says that Abhay lost his life by not revealing the truth as he very well know how important it is to capture Mohana.

She says that they should not let Abahy’s sacrifice go in waste. They should definitely stop Mohana. Nishant agrees with her and says that they should do something.