Nazar Written Update 12th November 2019: Ansh and Piya have a tiff over taking Mohana’s help

The episode starts with Piya telling Ansh that they need to find the aagya baal that Pratimayan sent home and it could be found only by Pratimayan’s daughter Mohana. Chaitali too agrees with her but Ansh against it. Piya convinces Ansh as they don’t have any other way. Avinash too supports Ansh but Piya and Chaitali convince them. Everyone peeps into Mohana’s room to find her dancing happily for a romantic number. Piya finds her beg weird and Ansh says that it’s no use asking her.

Adi finds someone opening the door knob and it’s shown to be the Dayan doll. He opens the door tnly to find the doll and Pari scolds gin for taking her doll again. Adi says that he doesn’t have any idea about how it came here but Pari doesn’t believe him.

They both fight calling Piya and Piya rushes to them. Piya asks why are they fighting for which Ansh says about the doll. Piya scolds them for their irresponsible behavior and locks the doll in the cupboard saying both of them to stay away from it. The doll gets stuck in the cupboard.

Chaitali peeps in Mohana’s room again to find her getting ready for her date. Mohana then sees the mirror and recalls giving her eye as Heere to save the family. She gets furious and breaks the mirror. Chaitali calls Piya and shows her Mohana’s weird behaviour. Piya says to Ansh about the same and Ansh scols her for going to Mohana for help despite him asking her not to. He asks does his words means nothing to her and Piya panics. She says that she only wanted to save Maa from the situation and promises to not go against him.

Angad calls Mohana who says that she can’t come today. Angad asks her to atleast come to the terrace but she denies it too. He gets adamant to meet her and says that will not leave until she comes. Mohana feels helpless. Piya gets Nishant’s call and is speaking in the balcony when Ansh sees Angad watching her. He takes her in and gives a doubtful look to him.

Ansh and Piya finds the wall that has the ashes glowing and informs Nishant of the same. Nishant says that it glows so that the hair could identify it. They both get worried about it. Avinash and Shekhar check the cctv footage only to find the doll in the lift. At night the doll escapes from cupboard and starts leaving.

Dilruba’s mother releases Saanvi and Dilruba and they both marches furiously to find Naman. Nishant and Pandit are findings a way to separate Vedashree and Kalashree. Adi wakes uo ar night only to find the doll missing and wakes up Pari too. Pari blames Adi and they both fight once again and Ansh comes there and takes tge doll from them.

Precap : Ansh and Piya find that the doll is no normal doll. Chaitali sees the doll walking and Ansh goes to stop it.