Nazar Written Update 13th November 2019: Mohana’s clever plan stops the Maya Dayan Jod

The episode starts with Ansh saying Piya about kids fighting for a doll. He asks her to make them understand that they have bigger problems than the doll. Piya says that she didn’t buy the doll and Ansh also says the same. Shekhar and Avinash shows the walking doll CCTV footage to Ansh and Piya. They wonder if its the one which has got Pratimayan’s hair to perform Maha Dayan Jod. Chaitali sees the doll walking into a room and shows it to others. Ansh follows it but it hides in the room. they understand that the wall is still glowing which mean the hair doesn’t reach the ashes. They lock the door and search to find the doll. Chaitali once again suggests Piya to take Mohana help. Piya asks how can we when she doesn’t come out of her room from the morning.

Angad is heartbroken as Mohana doesn’t come out but gets happy when she dances in rain covering her one eye with saree falls. In the meantime, Ansh and Piya fight about each other being careless and Piya gets irked. Mohana romances with Angad through phone and Angad gets adamant to meet her. He says that he’s coming home for her hand and Mohana worries about her eye. She taunts Piya and Chaitali who are searching for the doll. She says that they can’t find it without her help.

Ansh is examining Pari’s doll and finds that it’s not the one. In the meantime, the Dayan Doll escapes and locks the door from inside. Mohana says that the doll will reach only Pratimayan’s daughter and she’s also her daughter. Ansh breaks open the door but before he could reach the pot it reaches the doll and the Dayan jod happens. He cries falling on the floor when Piya shows him Adi holding the real pot while Mohana standing beside him.

Piya says that the original ashes are with Adi. Naman says the black evils to worship him as his king but turns to find them all turned into gold. He realizes that all this is choti Pailwan’s gameplay and he fooled him. Ansh asks Piya how it happened and Piya recalls giving the Dayan heere to Mohana. She turns the heere into ashes and replaces it with original ashes to fool the doll.

Mohana takes the heere and gets her eye back. In the meantime Naman tries escaping and Saanvi, Dilruba and her mother comes to rescue him. They throws  gold on the kaali shaktis and feed Choti Pailwan to them. In the meantime Ansh asks Mohana to help them get back his mother. Naman and Saanvi comes to Nishant and Naman has choti pailwan stick. It attracts all the ashes and Nishant finally finds his way to retrieve Vedashree.

Precap : Ansh says that there’s no one who could save his mother. Nishant says that he can but he needs Pratimayan’s hair to do it.