Nazar Written Update 15th November 2019: Angad and Mohana marriage gets fixed

The episode starts with Piya asking Ansh to support Mohana as this time she’s asking for something that’s no way bad. She says that if Mohana didn’t help then they wouldn’t have got Maa back. Ansh says that he doesn’t believe her and is sure that it’s just another plan of her to to do something wrong. Chaitali and Vedashree too supports Mohana but the men stands adamant. Piya says that love doesn’t have any age and asks him to support. Shekhar asks what if she does the same thing to him just she did with Ansh father. Ansh asks Piya to support her if she wants but he denies supporting her.

Mohana is sitting worried when Piya comes there. Mohana asks Didn’t Ansh agree and says that she knew it. Piya says that she supports her as she’s not asking something wrong. Chaitali and Vedashree also supports her and she extremely happy. She hugs them. Everyone gets surprised by her behaviour. Vedashree says that love doesn’t have age. She says even after all her bad things to family, if she feels love can change her then she’ll support her. Nishant, Saanvi and Naman examine a creature’s footprint in their office.

Angad comes for Mohana’s hand and Shekhar introduces him to Ansh. Ansh recalls him staring Piya at terrace and gets doubtful. Piya brings Mohana. Ansh says he wants to talk to her. Piya says after guests leaves. Angad wishes to marry Mohana by weekend. Ansh reveals she’s a Dayan shocking everyone. He says that she lives eating human’s soul and how can a normal human gets married to her.

Angad says that he knows Mohana is a Dayan as she herself said it and he doesn’t have any problem with shocking everyone. Ansh suspects Angad. Mohana feels happy hearing his words. Later Piya scolds Ansh for his behaviour. Ansh says that he doesn’t trust Mohana and asks if she forgot what she did to the family. Piya says that for the first time Mohana wants to go in the right path and she wants to support it. Ansh is still disapproves the relation.

Dilruba comes ij search of Naman and see the footprints. She shivers in fear and Nishant asks if she know who it is. Dilruba reveals his name to be Singha. Angad comes to Rathods family for dinner as per Mohana’s insistence. He gives gifts to everyone and Piya likes his gift. Ansh sees ot all from upstairs and snorts. He asks why did he come here and Piya gets disappointed with his attitude. He says he’s for dinner and praises them for supporting Mohana even after all that she did to them.
Dilruba day’s that Singha is the biggest psycho killer of Kaali shakti and he kills them without any reason. They all visit the place where they captures all Kaali shakti and finds all dead. Nishant decides to warn Ansh as he’s also a Kaali shakti.

Precap : Ansh says Piya that he feels Angad is here for her and not Mohana.