October 14, 2019
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Nazar Written Update 1st October 2019 :- Pratima creates trouble for Piya and Ansh

The episode starts with Piya ans Ansh sharing their worries. Dilruba knocks their door. Nishant is teaching to hunt down the Dayaan. They decide to practise hard and will defeat Dayaan. However Dilruba reveals they don’t have time as the egg is broken and the enemy is out now. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Pari is about to leave and Adi having no other way decides to use his power against her. Pari warns him to leave her way but they both fight using their powers.

Pratima comes out and Mohana gets happy. Mohana says that after so much struggle she’s out now. Pratima strangles her with her plat and asks her to call her Pratima. Mohana apologizes and asks her to leave her. The family is seen practicing to hunt Dayaan and they experience a strong light passing on them. Making use of the chance Pari escapes while Ansh gets blinded by light. Ansh and Piya asks Adi if he’s fine and he nods yes. He explains them about Pari escaping.

Family comes there and Piya informs them of the same. Nishant says that this signifies that the creature is out now. Pratima says that she’s the most powerful Dayaan of all times. Mohana asks her to wait for sometime and their help is on the way. Pari comes there and Ansh and Piya leave to stop Pari. They ask them to follow them and help whenever needed.

Pari comes to Badhal and throws the holy water on the entrance and enters into it. Mohana and Pratima sees Pari. Mohana asks Pari to give the holy water. She’s about to give but Piya stops her on time. Pratima asks Adi and Piya that if they can identify her. They say that she’s a black Dayaan and is here to destroy the world. Piya says that she’s Mohana’s one of the Dayaan and she mocks at them for it. She introduces herself as Pratima.

The family is waiting for any news and sees the feather of Ansh and gets their clue. Nishant tries leaving but Vedashree stands adamant to accompany them. They all get ready to leave along with Adi who stands adamant to join them. Pratima says that she’s the head of all the black powers. Piya asks Pari to come with her but Pari denies. Pratima says that they can’t take her without her permission. They challenge her and Pratima accepts. Pratima easily dodge all their attacks and they gets shocked.

The family comes there and Nishant stops them from going further as he suspects the Dayaan to be the most powerful of all which was waiting for years to come to earth. He asks Nishant to check for the details in Divya’s book about the Dayaan.

Precap: Pratima says that this navtratri pooja everyone will not worship devi not them. She’s here to fight with her matarani. She says that this time Raavan will win.

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