Nazar Written Update 20th November 2019: Piya finds Angad is Singha

The episode starts with Piya saying Ansh that how much ever she tries the creature’s identity doesn’t vanish. She goes to check on her work. Ansh sees Angad hiding something in his jacket and Ansh wonders about it. Angad comes out blindfolded by Mohana and Mohana shows him his sherwani designs. Angad asks her to select one for him and she selects it. Piya too approves it and Ansh gets irked. She asks me him tro try it. Ansh thinks to make use of the opportunity and asks Angad to try. He removes Angad jacket and finds the horn in it. Mohana says that he’s going to be a groom tomorrow. Ansh says that not groom but he’s going to be a murderer. He shows them the horn and everyone gets shocked.
Ansh blames Angad to be Singha but Angad says that he found it in Mohana’s room. Ansh asks if he has found it then why didn’t he say anyone about it. Angad reasons that he doesn’t want to spoil the engagement spirit. Ansh fails believing and keeps blaming Angad when Mohana stands for Angad. She argues with Ansh and warns him. Shekhar asks her to behave and choose her words wisely as they are supporting her only for Ansh and Piya.

Mohana gets irked. Ansh gets Nishant’s call who asks him to come to his place to discuss about Singha. Ansh leaves for it.
Nishant says about the horn glowing under moon light and asks him to go somewhere to know about it. Ansh says that he’s sure Angad is Singha and he couldn’t go leaving his family. Nishant explains about the importance for him going there and Ansh finally agrees.

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Piya and Vedashree brings arti taal and Vedashree asks Piya to do the arti. Piya is about to put tilak on Mohana and Chaitali stops her as it will burn Mohana. She then puts Tilak on Angad and feels the horn mark onnhis forehead. She gets shocked and realizes that Ansh was right. She leaves to her room and calls Ansh but Ansh who’s busy flying doesn’t pick up the call. She chides herself for not taking Ansh words serious. Angad comes in and says that does she got to know everything. He’s about to come near her but Piya uses her power and creates fire around him. Angad begs her to listen to him but Piya doesn’t listen. Angad says that it’s true that he loves Mohana.

Piya says that it’s also true that He’s Singha. Angad begs her to listen to hom once. Piya calming down a bit releases him from fire.
Everyone leaves the place leaving only Mohana and Vedashree. Vedashree. Vedashree is also about to leave when Mohana asks is she afraid of her even now. She says that she can understand as did so many wrong things. She says that she now understands her pain as it really hurts to see their loved one’s in pain. Vedashree asks her to forget the past. Mohana gifts her a ring.

Precap : the horn under moon light tries getting fixed on Ansh forehead.