Nazar Written Update 27th September 2019 :-Piya and Ansh gets to know that Pari is possessed

The episode starts with Nishant and Saanvi reaching home to see Naman crying. They ask the reason for it but couldn’t find as he couldn’t hear. Nishant gets Piya’s call who asks that if he found anything about the egg. Nishant denies and in the meantime Mohana who is still in the house panics about their entry. They hear the egg’s screams and rushes to find the egg. Piya creates a Daivik potion using all the sacred things of matarani. They pour it on Adi’s hand and Adi gets released from his sticky nature. However, their happiness is short-lived as once again Adi’s hands start turning red. It becomes sticky once again and they panic.

Nishant and Saanvi reach the egg and they see the egg sulking souls while Mohana hides. Mohana diverts their attention from the egg using DIlruba and escapes with the egg. The family makes Adi wear the gloves so that he doesn’t get stuck to anything. Adi gets happy seeing it. Piya sees Pari laughing and playing games when her brother is in pain. She recalls her weird behaviors and gets worried. She expresses her worry to a family who dismisses it off saying that she’s a kid. They ask Pari to play with Adi.

Mohana says that the biggest Amavasya of the year is here and she should act immediately to succeed in her goal. She calls Pari to help her and lures her to her. Pari who’s playing with Adi hears her call gets to leave to Mohana in her Dayan form. Adi sees this and gets shocked. He calls out for his parents while Pari jumps the balcony. Ansh, Piya and Adi shout Pari and tries stopping her but she leaves without listening to them. However, Ansh and Piya manage to catch hold of Pari while Pari struggles under their hold.

Piya tries Pari with her powers and Pari cries in pain. She pleads Piya to let her go and Piya suffers seeing Pari in pain. She unable to bear her child’s cries releases her and Pari runs away only to get caught hold by Adi. Mohana decides to cross Badal water as Pari didn’t reach yet. She crosses it and her body burns in the effect of water. However, she comes out and finds the egg cracking and smirks.

Naman worries for Dilruba and keeps calling her to wake up. Nishant says that the egg ate her soul and now she’s dead. Saanvi gets worried while Naman couldn’t hear what he said. However, he notices the light purple ring around her neck and says that there’s still life in her. Saanvi asks him to save her but he doesn’t know-how. Pari is stuck with Adi to stop her from escaping while the family cries seeing her condition. Ansh’s father says that its Mohana’s doing as it’s she who made Bhasmika have the egg. Abhilash too says about People died because of Soul and they decode that Possessed Pari released Mohana. Ansh says that there’s only one way to save Pari.

Precap: The egg screams under moonlight and its shell breaks. Mohana says the most dangerous shaitan is here.