Nazar Written Update 28th November 2019: Piya finds Ansh truth

The episode starts with Piya asking Ansh why’s he doing all this. He says that he’s evil and not the Ansh who loves her. Piya says that it’s not true as his eyes still glow with her touch. She hugs him and cries while Ansh becomes weak. Pari comes to Adi room and asks him to go to Ansh to find him. She asks him to go by walk but he denies saying that they will get caught. They go to Ansh and is about to run to him but gets stopped by Badhal water. Ansh asks them to not come near and go and get the key from Nishant’s cupboard to unlock the chain. Pari sees his condition and cries while Adi consoles her hugging her. Ansh says they it’s necessary for him to go and asks them to do what he said.

They both leave to get it. Adi asks Pari to stop by door and find if anyone’s coming and leaves inside. After entering inside Adi turns into Dilruba and it’s revealed that it was Dilruba all the while who was with Pari. She takes another thing from cupboard and leaves. Pari finds Adi missing and goes to check in his room. In the meantime Adi wakes up and wonders how did he sleep on floor. Pari asks Where’s the key after coming to his room. He asks which key for which Par6 says about the chain keys. They realize that it’s someone else who was with them all this while.

Dilruba gives Pari’s hair which she got while hugging her and that thing from the cupboard to Mohana. Mohana ties the hair on that thing. She says that now the person of this hair is going to die. Dilruba asks if that means it’s Pari and Mohana nods yes. In the meantime Nishant, Saanvi and Piya are wondering about the reason for Ansh’s behaviour. Nishant gets Pandit call who says that Mohana is not in the box.

Pari and Adi comes to Ansh and releases him out of the lock. Ansh with a great difficulty crosses the Badhal water. In the meantime Piya decodes that Ansh is pretending to be evil to save them from Mohana’s vrath and is going to face her alone. They gets shocked and rushes to Ansh. Pari and Adi asks when will he return. He says them to. Take care of everyone in the family and leaves hugging them. Piya and others come to Ansh only to find him missing. Piya says that she knows where he is and goes.

Ansh is about to jump out of the balcony but Piya holds him. She says that she knows his acting and says that she’ll not leave him. Ansh asks her to believe that he’s evil. Piya says that she got to know the truth and hugs him and cries. She says that they solve everything together but Ansh tricks her and escapes. Piya cries and Mohana watches it. She says that this is nothing.

Precap : Ansh goes to Mohana.