Nazar Written Update 29th November 2019: Mohana’s devious plan revealed

The episode starts with Mohana packing a bag when Ansh comes there. She asks if he’s here for his family or fearing her. Ansh says that he doesn’t fear for anyone. He brings the dayan vriksh and takes Angad body from it. Mohana gets shocked and asks what’s he doing when Ansh leaves with the body.

Dilruba returns with Naman when Nishant and Saanvi threaten her with trishul and bow to say where they disappeared all of a sudden. They asks if she’s the one who stole the tricone and she agrees. She says about Mohana keeping Naman on hostage and threatened to kill him if she doesn’t listen to her. Nishant gets terrified as Ansh is taking steps in guilty of killing innocent Angad.

Ansh takes Mohana to Badhal jail so that they both can die there and his family will be safe. Both Ansh and Mohana gets stuck in the place. Piya requests the kids to say where their father has gone and after lots of pleadings Pari without breaking her promise reveals that Ansh has gone to badhal jail. Piya gets shocked hearing it.

In the meantime Naman asks Nishant of how’s Angad an innocent. He says about visiting Kaali Shakti place and found Pratimayan and Angad’s picture there. He says that Angad is 300 years old Dayan who became a Singha by killing another Dayan. Nishant realizes that Angad just played love drama with Mohana so that he xan marry her and kill her and become Singha forever. They decides to stop Ansh before he takes a wrong decision.

Mohana mocks Ansh with a story and says that he’s a fool to bring her there. She opens the bag to reveal the box and Ansh gets confused and asks whet it is. On the other hand Piya, Nishant, Saanvi, Naman and Dilruba comes to the place and finds all the way to reach Ansh is destroyed. They say that they need to save his life as Angad is not innocent and he shouldn’t do this. Dilruba asks how’s Ansh’s life in danger as Mohana’s target is not Ansh. They gets shocked and asks who is Mohana’s target. She says that the hair Mohana tied in the tri cone is not of Ansh but Pari. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.

Mohana too says Ansh that she’s going to kill Pari and give him the same pain that she’s suffering losing her love. Ansh gets shocked as he couldn’t even fly. He used his wings for killing Angad. Mohana fires the tri cone and says that it will come back only after killing Pari. Ansh feels helpless.

Nishant finds a way to stop the tri cone and leaves with Saanvi to work on it. Piya stats there to keep a watch on Ansh. He informs the family about it and they get terrified. Nishant consoles Pari and says that they will save her. The family sees the tri cone approaching them.

Precap : Ansh kills himself and falls in badhal water for Pari