Nazar Written Update 8th January 2020: MOHANA GETS HER POWERS BACK

The episode starts with Nishant, Abhay and Ansh capturing Mohana. Mohana calls Naman a betrayer. Naman says that he can be a chudail but is also a Revavanshi. He as did she really think that he will put Pari in danger for Dafli.

They drag her out to jail her once again in Bandap. Mohana thinks that if this time she gets prisoned the chances for returning us very minimal. She starts chanting mantras. Barkha watches from inside the car. Due to the effect of mantra Pari gets stuck and it forces Pari to attach the choti to Mohana. Mohana gets her choti back shocking everyone. She tries sneaking into the car but Barkha hides.

Mohana attacks them and asks Ansh why’s he not using his powers. She mocks Ansh while Ansh stands helpless. She tries going near Barkha but Ansh stops her saying that he doesn’t need powers to stop her. Mohana holds Ansh by her choti while Ansh gets reminded of his promise. Mohana mocks him for not using his powers. Piya’s voice shocks her as Piya comes running from behind. She says she doesn’t know why Ansh is not using her power but she’s enough to handle her. She attacks Mohana and frees Ansh. Ansh asks her to leave and never come back again. Mohana says that she’ll definitely come back as her revenge is not yet over.

Vedashree thanks Durga Maa for protecting their kids and giving them back to them. She asks Piya how did she get to know that they are in trouble. Piya says that a mother knows when their children is in trouble and none knows it well than her. Ansh apologizes Piya for not taking proper care of children in her absence.

Piya asks him to not blame him self as it’s not his mistake. She says he saved them from Mohana even without his powers. They all worry about Mohana as she promised to come back for revenge.

On the other side Saanvi too gets shocked hearing about Mohana’s powers back to her. She asks now how will they again capture her.

Nishant says that this time they will not go to Mohana but Mohana herself will come to them using Barkha. Barkha puts the kids to sleep when Abhay comes there. He says it must be difficult for her to experience all this while she says it’s he who bravely fought with the Dayan. Ansh and Piya sees them together. Piya says Ansh that she thinks there’s something going on between Barkha and Abhay. Ansh doesn’t trust Abhay while Piya mocks him.

Barkha calls Piya and says that she needs to go home as her sister is not well. Piya agrees and Mohana comes there. Vedashree senses Ansh hiding something and says it to Piya. Piya too notices it. She comes to confront Ansh when she finds the whole place decorated with her earring. Piya and Ansh romance.

Precap : Abhay kidnap Barkha upon seeing Mohana. Ansh and Piya sees it.