Nazar Written Update 8th November 2019: Mohana’s vicious plan to destroy Vedashree


The episode starts with Mohana saying that if they don’t destroy Vedashree ashes then it would create a bigger mess that none can stop it. Shekhar blames Mohana for all the mess. He says that from the moment she came in their life their life has become miserable. Mohana says that it’s her who helped them to come out of the mirror and the Kids agreed to It. However Avinash and Chaitali says that they don’t know about Mohana and says that if she does something then for her own benefit. Piya collects the ashes and asks Mohana to stay away from it and Mohana gets furious. They asks Nishant for a way to stop Mohana. He says that he need to find it as he’s not aware of it.

Mohana says that they could find out the way only from their duplicate dayans. Ansh says that they won’t answer them and Mohana says they will answer to her as she’s Ayan. They all rushes to find them but sees them missing. She wonders where its gone and finds helpless. Saanvi and Dilruba are still arguing over Naman and Dilruba blames her for trapping Naman. Saanvi says that she has better people to trap than her useless husband. Naman tries talking to both of them but they remain edge shouting at each other. Having no other go Naman turns both of them into golden statue shocking choti Pailwan and Dilruba mother. Dilruba mother asks him to release Dilruba but he doesn’t listen.

Later Nishant takes the ashes box from Rathods to find a way to revive Vedashree. Shekhar says that he’s giving the happiness of his house, his Vedashree to him and asks him to find a way to save her. Nishant promises and leaves with Vedashree ashes and Mohana sees it hiding.

Nishant is in the car with Vedashree ash bag and Mohana attack him. She tries taking the bag but Nishant protects it with shield. She fights with him and gets the Ash from him and Nishant smiles seeing it. He says that’s it not Ash as they are well aware she will be at the back of the ashes. He recalls giving it to Ansh and Piya and taking only a pinch of it to examine it. Mohana opens the Ash pot to find only it to be water. She gets furious.

Ansh and Piya gives the Ash pot to Adi to hide it from Mohana and he goes and hide it. They turn around to find Mohana and gets shocked. Naman and Choti Pailwan are about to go but gets stopped by chudail Ash shield. Dilruba mother asks him to release Dilruba to get out of the shield and leaves. Choti Pailwan mocks Naman and he glares him.

Nishant and Pandit tries finding the way but the black power in it stops them from knowing the way. Tjey both wonder about what to do. Mohana says that she gave her eye for saving them and still they are taunting her. Ansh says that she tried to kill them many times and this is nothing in front of it.

Precap : Shekhar blames Mohana for Vedashree and Mohana gets furious and attacks him.

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