Neerja: Abhir to fight with the goons?

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Colors TV’s popular show Neerja is gearing up for drama in the upcoming episode, with Abhir threatening Didun.


In the previous episode we saw, Moushmi demanded Abhir not to interfere in Neerja’s matter. Abhir asks her to stop her emotional drama. Neerja was in jail because of them. He had to take her out. Bijoy and Kaushik refused it. Abhir is adamant about his decision. Trisha gets angry when she realises he is giving more importance to Neerja than to her.

Meanwhile, prisoners are bullying Protima in the jail. Neerja gave a fitting reply to them. Later, Trisha stabbes Neerja’s picture. She set fire in that room. She wanted to see Abhir saving her. She hid the key to that room. Abhir saved her. Munmun notices that she hides the key. She thought she was a cunning person. Moushmi agreed to Trisha that Abhir will marry her.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Abhir will say to Neerja that he won’t allow her to stay in jail. He will do anything to take her out. Shefali will tell him that someone is plotting against Neerja.

Protima tells him Didun is behind it all. Chakri will reveal the truth to Abhir.Abhir will fight with the goons. He will threaten Didun to close her baadi forever when he finds the evidence against her.

What will happen next? Will Abhir and Trisha’s wedding happen? What will Neerja do to stop their wedding?

To find out the answers to the above questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this page for the exclusive update about your favorite Hindi shows