Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 10th February 2024 Written Update: Neerja gets Kaushik arrested

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 10th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhir asking Neerja to take her FIR back. Neerja asks Abhir to leave her. Shifali tries to intervene. Abhir asks Shifali to stay away from husband and wife’s matter. Abhir shouts at Neerja, asking why she didn’t answer his call. Neerja says that Abhir is blinded by his love for his family and that he can’t see the truth. Shifali asks Abhir to leave Neerja. Abhir shouts again at Shifali, saying to stay away from husband and wife matters. Neerja tells him that Abhir could get arrested for threatening a witness and tells him that law code. Abhir laughs, saying that Neerja is ungrateful despite what he did to her. Moushmi also state the same. 

Shifali stops Kaushik from running away and asks her team to get Kaushik arrested. Abhir takes out his gun and threatens the police to prevent the police from arresting Kaushik. Neerja says that Abhir’s action is illegal. Bijoy calms down Abhir. Abhir says that his family is important to him, while Neerja says that Chakri is important to her. Shifali handcuffs. She decides to go to the crime scene. Neerja says that the terrace is the crime scene. Shifali says that she will record the family’s statements after seeing the crime scene. Neerja and Shifali go upstairs. Abhir angrily breaks the coffee table. 

Neerja and Shifali see the crime scene with the forensic team. They find Chakri’s ankle and some blood stains. Shifali finds a button. Neerja recognizes that it’s Kaushik’s shervani button. Neerja feels that someone else is also here and wonders whom. Shifali confirms that Chakri might have fought with Kaushik after seeing the crime scene. They find a blood stain near the place where Chakri fell. Shifali confirms that Chakri got attacked before falling down the terrace. Neerja cries, regretting not being able to save Chakri. Shifali asks Neerja to get stronger to fight for Chakri’s justice. Shifali wishes to get the thing with which Kaushik attacked Chakri so that they can get his fingerprints on it. Neerja says that they can answer their questions if they find the third person who was present there. 

Shifali and Neerja come downstairs. Bijoy is confident that they didn’t get anything against Kaushik. Shifali shows the button. Munmun recognizes that it’s Kaushik’s. Kaushik scolds Munmun in his mind. Shifali says that it’s proven that the rape attempt happened on Chakri, and they wait for the postmortem report. She says that they have to arrest Kaushik for now. Abhir says that they can keep him in jail for a longtime, since they have a lawyer. Shifali asks the Bagchis not to go out of the city till the case investigation is on. 

The police took Kaushik. Munmun and Moushmi cry. Neerja tries to comfort Moushmi. Abhir asks Neerja to stay away. Abhir calms Moushmi down. Kaushik blames Neerja of false accusing her. Abhir asks the reporters to go away. The reporters talk about Kaushik being accused of Chakri’s rape and murder. Bijoy says that he prefers to die instead of bearing this humiliation. 

While Kaushik is being taken, he warns Neerja. He says that Neerja is a dirt of Songachi. He will return soon and will avenge his insult. He puts on an emotional act in front of Abhir. Abhir comforts him. kaushik is taken in the police jeep. Abhir stops Neerja from entering the house. He says that Neerja doesn’t have a place, or she needs to stay in this house. He closes the door on her face. Neerja opens the door. She says that Abhir can’t ask her to leave since she is legally his wife. 

The episode ends. 

Precap: Chakri’s lawyer backs off at the last moment, so Neerja becomes Chakri’s lawyer, shocking the Bagchis. 

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