Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 11th November 2023 Written Update: Abhir fights with the goons

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 11th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhir noticing Neerja in an unconscious state. He asks him what happened to her? Sheik says to him that he doesn’t know. She fainted. He took his hand from her. Abhir holds Neerja. He tells him that he is taking her to the hospital. Sheik tells him that he will arrive later. Meanwhile, Neerja says to Abhir that it’s wrong in an unconscious state. Abhir says that he won’t allow anything happen to her. Later, he admitted her to the hospital. The doctor informs him that she is allergic to sea food. She ate seafood today. He recalls the way she ate it. The doctor asks him to admit her to the Kolkata hospital if he wants to save her life. Abhir asks them to arrange an ambulance. He will take her to the hospital. Sheik asks them to stop. He is her owner. He will take her back to the hotel. Abhir says that her condition is serious. Sheik says that he will decide. She is his property. Abhir tells him that she isn’t his property. He pushes him down. He asks the nurse to do first aid for him. Abhir takes Neerja from there.

Kaushik says to Munmun that he is going to finalize a crore deal today. Munmun expressed her happiness with him. Sheik calls him and narrates with him what happened. He shouted in anger. Later, Abhir worried about Neerja. He is taking her to the hospital in an ambulance. He recalls his moments with Neerja. He thinks what’s going on? Why is it happening? He knew that it was not happening to her wish. Who is she? Why is she not showing her real face to him? Sometimes he thinks she is behind money. Sometimes she risked her life to save others. Who is she? Why is she hiding it from him? He doesn’t know whether he loves her more or hates her more. He will die thinking about it. Later, Kaushik creates a scene in the home. Bijoy asks him what happened? He says that Neerja is creating a problem in their lives. Because of her, his life is a mess. Moushmi asks him how Neerja was involved in it? Kaushik says that she didn’t leave their life. Abhir raised his hand to Sheik for Neerja. She is dreaming about Trisha and Abhir’s wedding. But he is behind Neerja.

Moushmi says that he promised her to marry Trisha. Kaushik says that Abhir took Neerja to the hospital in an ambulance. Kaushik says that he will ruin everything for Neerja’s sake. Later, Moushmi asks Trisha to return home. She says that she is staying with Abhir in the hotel. She says that he had already left from there along with Neerja. Trisha checks the room and finds him missing there. She shouts in frustration. Later, Abhir asks the driver when they will reach the hospital. He tells him that he will reach there in a few minutes. Abhir notices the ambulance is stopped. The driver checks what the problem is. Abhir notices a car there. He scolds them for not turning off the headlights. Abhir asks him to start the ambulance asap. He informs him that someone blocked their ambulance. Abhir gets off from it. He asks them to fight with him. Didun mentions his name.

He was surprised to see Didun there. He asks her what she is doing here? Didun tells him that she has come to take Neerja back. Abhir says that Neerja’s health is worsening. He won’t leave her. Didun says that she won’t back off either. She will take her along with her. Abhir says that no one is able to touch her when he is there. Didun says that he wanted to die voluntarily today. He asked her not to mess with him today. Didun pretends like she is asking for help. She asks the goons to attack him. Abhir fights with the goons. A goon was about to stab him. Neerja comes there. Abhir says that his life is in danger. She asks him to stop coming behind her. Trisha came back so he could live with her. Neerja lies to Didun that he made her unconscious and tries to abduct her.

Episode end.

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