Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 12th November 2023 Written Update: Abhir gives a nod

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 12th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neerja asking Abhir to stop following her. She asks him why he is pushing himself and her in danger often. Trisha is back in her life. She asks him to start a life with her. She says to Didun that she doesn’t know why he is doing it all. He made her unconscious. He became mad in love. She tells her that she wants to stay with Sheik. Didun says to Abhir that she is her property. The goons start beating Abhir. Neerja asks them to stop it. She says to Didun that Abhir came with Trisha. She is aware that Abhir is going to sign a deal with Sheik. She will complain in the police station if something happens to him. She doesn’t want to see his name getting ruined because of it. Didun says that she thinks smartly. She leaves him for Neerja’s sake. Neerja walks away from Abhir. She thinks that she can’t see him getting hurt. She can ruin her name but not able to see him getting hurt. She wouldn’t allow anything happen to him. Abhir feels betrayed. He thinks that she fooled him again. He was ready to fight for her. He risked his life for her. She held Sheik’s hand, leaving him.


Abhir thinks that she proved that she needs money, not love. He hates her for it. He shouted her name in anger. Later, Neerja apologizes to Sheik for creating a problem. She says to Didun that she isn’t well. The doctor asked her to take an injection after one hour. If she fails to do it, then her face will get allergic. She is aware her face is important. Even Sheik liked her for this face. Didun says that she will take her to the hospital. Sheik says to Didun that he will leave India in a day. He asks Neerja to pack her things. Neerja is shocked to hear it. Abhir returns home. Moushmi asks him how he did get hurt?Mumun says that Neerja definitely did this to him. He gets beaten in return for his love. Trisha returns home. She cries seeing his state. Moushmi consoles her. She asks him if he remembers anything? He promised to live with her. He was busy saving Neerja but he forgot that he had left Trisha in the hotel. Moushmi says that he knew the truth. Then why is he going behind her? She asks him to understand the situation. He shouldn’t have punished Trisha for it.

Moushmi pleads with Abhir not to risk his life for others. She says to him that Trisha needs him. She loved him. Abhir has to hate Neerja. Neerja won’t become his. Munmun says that they are doing something against Kaushik. Kaushik says that he lost his deal for his behaviour. Bijoy asks him to be at his limit. It’s just a deal. Kaushik says that it’s not a matter of a deal. Kaushik says that Abhir is the biggest problem in his life. He knows what he has to do. Abhir apologized to Moushmi for it. She asks him to apologise to Trisha, not to her. Abhir sits on his knee. Abhir tells her it’s a medical emergency. He had to take her to the hospital. If he failed to do it, then her life would be in danger. Trisha scolds him for taking Neerja’s name often. Trisha says that she isn’t his responsibility, but Sheik. He forgets her when Neerja is with him. He isn’t giving importance to her. He would have informed her at least before leaving.

Trisha says to Abhir that she is always thinking about him. She wants to live with him. If she is important to him in his life? What’s her role in his life? She came back to India to start a life with him. He isn’t like that. She says to him that she was scared if he didn’t pick her call. She asks him about Neerja? Mom said to her about his relationship with Neerja. She is his nurse. That is why he cares for her. He shouldn’t forget her for Neerja. Abhir apologized to her. Trisha asks him to engage with her today if he feels guilty. If she is important to him, then he has to do it. Moushmi says that she is right. Satark asks him if he isn’t happy. He says that Pishima is not at home. Munmun says that they need her blessings. Trisha says that they will take her blessings on their wedding. She pressurized him to say his answer. Abhir agrees to do it. He hugs her.

Episode end

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