Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 13th February 2024 Written Update: Didun witnesses against Chakri

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 13th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kaushik’s lawyer saying to Neerja that no one saw Kaushik on the lawn, but no one saw him on the terrace as well. He says that Kaushik was framed and asks Shifali to question her. Shifali arrives. The lawyer asks Shifali who wrote the FIR. Shifali says that Chakri’s friend, Neerja. The lawyer asks if anyone was with Neerja when Chakri told her what happened. Shifali says no. The lawyer asks how Shifali can register the FIR on the basis of Neerja, who is from Sonagachi, and accuses his client, who is from a reputed family. Neerja objects to it. But the Judge stops Neerja, shocking the latter. 


The lawyer calls Didun next, shocking Neerja. The lawyer asks Didun about Chakri’s character. Didun says that Chakri wanted to trap a guy from a rich family like Neerja, but she couldn’t, so she died. Didun says that Kaushik is rich, so he gets what he wants, so he doesn’t need to rape anyone. She says that Chakri’s story isn’t true. The lawyer asks Didun to leave. Didun leaves. 

The lawyer next call Neerja to ask questions. The lawyer asks Neerja if she was also intoxicated that day. Neerja nods yes. The lawyer then calls his friend, who is a doctor, and asks how long the bhang’s effects last. The doctor says that it lasts for 8 hours. The lawyer asks Neerja how it’s possible that Neerja came to sense within 3 hours and accuses Neerja of spiking the food. Neerja denies it and says that the lawyer is diverting the case. The lawyer says that Chakri committed fearing of getting caught while stealing. 

The lawyer says that in the police report, it’s stated that the rape attempt happened, but it’s also mentioned that the crime evidence was cleared. He says that Neerja proved that Kaushik wasn’t there on the lawn, but he came downstairs 40 seconds after Chakri fell down. He asks how it’s possible for Kaushik to clear the evidence and come downstairs within 40 second. Neerja fails to counter this argument. The judge declares that the trial will continue the next day. The lawyer mocks Neerja and asks her to save her marriage if she can’t win the case. Didun mocks Neerja and asks her to return to Sonagachi soon. 

The media question the Bagchis and Neerja about Neerja fighting the case against her in-laws. Later, the Bagchis do the puja. Neerja returns home. Moushmi says to Munmun that she should worry since the innocent Kaushik will return home the next day after being proven innocent. They should  have a double celebration. Moushmi offers Neerja the prasaad, saying that it’s for today’s victory. Neerja takes it and hopes the truth wins. Trisha says to Moushmi that she will take care of Abhir. Abhir says to Neerja that she is standing alone, and she doesn’t deserve to be with his family after what she did. Didun meets Kaushik in the jail. Kaushik asks Didun to stop Neerja in return he offers her money. Didun agrees and asks him to tell her the truth. Kaushik tells her that he used the servant to clear the evidence on the terrace.

The episode ends.

Precap: Neerja tries to make the servant spill the truth. Didun attacks Neerja. The lawyer tells to the Judge that Neerja hasn’t come to the court. Neerja fights with Didun and her goons.

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