Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 14th November 2023 Written Update: Neerja makes a smart move

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 14th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shabho Rani saying to Neerja that Didun sent these clothes for her. Her ex-lover’s heart will beat a lot seeing her in this dress. Sheik comes there. She asks him about the dress ? He appreciates the design. He is about to touch her. She stops him. She says to her that she doesn’t want to go there. They will humiliate them there. They will intentionally make Trisha wear beautiful jewels to make her feel jealous. They invited them there to show off. Their intention is to insult them. Sheik says that she can wear all these jewels. Neerja says that she will wear it there. She shares her plan with him. He asks her what profit she will get from it? She says that if he gets a profit, then it’s here too. She thinks that it’s the only way to stop Abhir from signing the deal. Later, Kaushik asks Munmun why she is looking dull. She says that everyone’s focus is on Trisha. Kaushik says that it’s their day. Sheik is coming there to sign the deal. She is happy. Bijoy asks Abhir if he is alright? It’s his big day. He had to express his happiness to them.


Trisha came there dressed up well. Everyone claps for her. Trisha asks him if she looks beautiful? He notices Neerja there and praises Trisha’s beauty by looking at Neerja. Munmun says to Kaushik that Neerja is here to ruin Abhir’s happiness. Kaushik says that if his mood is ruined, then, his deal will be over. Trisha glares at Neerja. Moushmi asks Bijoy why she is here? Bijoy says that Neerja came there with Sheik. Kaushik is going to sign the deal with him. Moushmi asks him to send them out asap. Kaushik welcomes Sheik. They congratulated Abhir and Neerja. Neerja says to them that they have to sign the deal asap. They have flights at night. They are going to Dubai today. Abhir gets irritated. Neerja says that this deal is also important to them. Trisha says that their new day is beginning on their engagement day. Neerja praised her jewel.

Trisha says that the best designer designed it for her. It’s all Abhir’s selection for her. Abhir agrees with her. Neerja says that she looks beautiful. Trisha says that they have a cake-cutting celebration on her special day. She asks them to sign the deal after their ceremony. Sheik nodded. Neerja often checks time. Sheik asks her about it. She lies to him that they shouldn’t miss the flight. Neerja says to him that Trisha showed off her jewelry. She had already informed him that she had done it. Sheik says that he will give his gold to her after this ceremony. Moushmi gives the ring to Trisha. She asks him to forward his hand. She makes Abhir wear the ring. Everyone claps for them. Neerja gets hurt. Abhir stares at Neerja and makes Trisha wear the ring. Trisha says to him that he inserted the ring into the wrong finger.

Abhir apologized to her. He corrects his mistakes. Trisha asks him to dance with her. He agrees to dance with her to make Neerja feel jealous. She stands there not affected. Neerja says to him that this dance will continue. Let’s finish the deal. They have a flight. He informs Kaushik about it. Sheik makes Neerja wear the jewels. Shefali comes there and says both are under arrest. He asks her how he could arrest him. Kaushik says that he is a respectable business man. Shefali says that she is arresting him for smuggling. Everyone was shocked to hear it.
Kaushik asks her to clear the misunderstanding. Shefali says that he was caught red-handed with a Sonagachi girl. She recalls the way Neerja asked her to do it. Trisha asks her if she was from Sonagachi? She will do dirty things for money. Sheik threatens Sheik. She gave a fitting reply to him. Shefali says that he prepared this duplicate passport. Munmun humiliated Neerja. Shefali asks Abhir to thank God. He escaped from the fraud or else he would have lost crores.

Episode end

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