Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 16th November 2023 Written Update: Protima confronts Neerja

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the prisoners bullying Neerja. Protima notices the newspaper. She is shocked to read the news about Neerja in it. Prisoners are making fun of Neerja. They ask Neerja if the police arrested her red-handed before too? Protima asks them to stop it. Protima takes her from there. Shefali asks the constable to lock them together in the same cell. Meanwhile, Abhir reads the news and gets frustrated. Moushmi asks him not to concentrate on it all. She asks him to marry Trisha asap. Abhir is shocked. She says that he has to marry her after the engagement. Mumun makes fun of them. Kaushik also humiliates him using Neerja’s name. Trisha says that she is right. Everyone will ask them first why they would do business with Sheik. Kaushik wants to do it. We can say it to them. Trisha asks Bijoy not to worry about anything. She asked the media not to use their names in the newspaper. We shouldn’t lose our prestige to a dirty girl, Neerja.


Bijoy appreciates Trisha for worrying about the family prestige, unlike others. Meanwhile, Shefali asks Abhir to meet her at the police station. He nodded to her. Protima asks Neerja what was written in the newspaper? Neerja apologized to her. She asks her to stay away from her. She tried to save her from this dirty place all her life. She ruined everything. She is simply apologizing to her. Neerja asks her to listen to her once. Protima says that she wanted to see Neerja, making her feel proud. But what has she done? What made her do that? She set fire throughout her whole life. Neerja says that she has to do it for Abhir. She got arrested for him. She is a pure. If she hadn’t taken this step, then Sheik would have betrayed Abhir. Abhir would have lost his business. Protima slaps her. She asks her how could she ruin her life to save Abhir’s business? Doesn’t she know how much she cried and struggled to save her from Didun? She ruined everything.

Protima says to Neerja that Didun wants to tag Neerja as Sonagachi’s girl. She tried a lot to stop her. But Neerja ruined everything. This name won’t leave her life. She ruined her mom’s efforts to save Abhir. Why did she do that? Neerja says to her that she loves him. It is the truth that she loves him. Neerja says to her that she tried a lot to make him understand. What else did she do? He doesn’t understand her. She asked her many times to listen to her heart. She just heard to her heart. She didn’t commit any mistakes. She cries there. Meanwhile, Didun gets frustrated when she sees the newspaper. She asks Shabho to turn on the TV. Shabho says that Neerja is coming on every channel. She became famous. Didun asks her to shut up. She gets frustrated when she finds Neerja’s news in every newspaper. Shabho asks her why Abhir should do it? She says that he was behind her. He was involved in Dada bhai’s matter too. She lashes out at her. The lawyer comes to meet Didun. She asks him why they are covering Neerja’s name in the newspaper? Why is it bothering them what Neerja is doing? The lawyer says that it’s good for her. They won’t come to Didun’s path until they focus on Neerja. Didun asks who Neerja’s new enemy is? Let them ruin her life, but they shouldn’t reach Didun.

Neerja opens up with her mom. She breaks out in tears. Protima is heartbroken. Neerja says to her that she doesn’t know whether she did the right thing or the wrong thing. But she is her daughter. She can’t see someone in pain. She can’t be selfish. How she will stay quiet when Sheik is trying to cheat Abhir. She loved him. She asks her to forgive her. Protima says that it’s her true love. Love doesn’t know what’s wrong or right. She sacrificed this much for her love, but she won’t get it back. Which she deserved. Neerja says that she has no problem. We can go out of the jail. Let’s start a fresh life. We can go far from Sonagachi and Abhir. We can start our new life. She has her love. She doesn’t need anything else. Protima says that she is fighting for her.

Episode end

Precap; Abhir demands the lawyer to take Neerja and Protima. Didun teams up with Trisha.

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