Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 17th November 2023 Written Update: Abhir suspects Neerja

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 17th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shefali showing Sheik’s duplicate passport to Abhir. She says to him that he is a fraud. He was not only involved in this crime but also smuggling drugs. He is lucky. That is why he escaped from him before signing the deal. Abhir asks her who helped him to stop the deal? Shefali says to him that she can’t do it. That person asked her not to reveal it to him. Abhir says that he wants to thank that person. Shefali asks him who that person is risking his life to save his life. Who wants to stop his deal? Abhir recalls Neerja’s attempt to stop him. Meanwhile, Didun reaches the editor’s office. Didun noticed Trisha talking with the CEO. He asked her why she was interested in Neerja’s life? She says to him that she isn’t interested in her matter. But she ruined her engagement so she wanted to take revenge on her. She asks him to ruin her name. Didun hears it all. Later, Trisha meets Didun. She asks her what she is doing? Didun says to Trisha that Neerja is our enemy. We have to team up against her. Trisha says that she doesn’t want to shake her hand with Didun. Didun says that she will give her time until tomorrow.


Abhir says to Bijoy that Sheik is a fraud. He would have to end the business here after he signed the deal with Kaushik. Kaushik asks him why he is to blame? Bijoy asks him to admit his mistake. He isn’t apologizing to him. He scolds him. Mumun says that she is praying for his safety. Abhir says that she has to thank the person who alerted the police. Bijoy asks him to say that person’s name. He wanted to invite that person to his wedding. Abhir says that they don’t like to take that person’s name. He thinks that person is Neerja. Moushmi says that it’s not possible. She is ready to blacken our faces. She was laughing with Sheik. Then how will she do it? Abhir says that he strongly believes that Neerja is behind it all. Trisha gets irritated when hearing it. Moushmi asks him to concentrate on his wedding. Neerja is in jail. Didun asks the lawyer to use Neerja’s name to hide Didun’s mistake. He assures her.

Trisha calls Didun and tells her that she is ready to support her. Didun is happy with her deal. Later, Neerja asks Shefali when she will get released. Shefali says to Neerja that they have landed in a problem. She shows the news to her. The media say that Neerja is with Sheik. She is his partner. Neerja says that it’s a lie. Shefali says that it’s hard to prove. Meanwhile, Abhir is reading the newspaper. He gets irritated with the reports. He says that Sheik’s name isn’t anywhere. Neerja’s name was there. Trisha says that she feels right. Neerja isn’t a saint to hide her mistake. She is from Sonagachi. She is like her mother. Her mother is also in jail. She is in a drug smuggling case. Abhir asks her how she knew it? She says that dad informed her about it. It all happened during their engagement. She asks him to discuss their future. Abhir says that he doesn’t think like that. Something is fishy. How did the police come to our engagement at the right time? He wants to find the truth.

Trisha asks him not to leave. Abhir is adamant about finding the truth. He wants to meet Neerja in the jail. Satark accompanied her. Trisha gets irritated. Meanwhile, Shefali says to Neerja that she shouldn’t go out of jail. Neerja says that her life is ruined. Sheik is framing her. Shefali says that everything is against her. She fears this case will go out of her hand. She is adamant about saving Abhir. That is why she is in this state. Neerja says that she wanted to save Abhir. Shefali says that she is mad. Neerja says that she will stay there. She asks her to send her mom out. She says to Neerja that she remembers her promise. Shefali says that she has to find a lawyer first. Munmun says to Kaushik that she saved him from Bijoy. Kaushik says to her that it’s useless. Trisha came after Neerja left. Munmun says that she will die from jealousy. Abhir still loves Neerja, not Trisha. Kaushik says that he is digging his own grave. Later, Abhir meets Shefali. She allows him to meet Neerja. She indirectly asks him to be bold enough to face everything. Neerja is surprised to see Abhir in the jail.


Neerja to express her love for Abhir

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