Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 18th November 2023 Written Update: Abhir learns the truth

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 18th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhir meeting Neerja in the jail. He gives water to her when she coughs. He notices the hand-cuff in her hands. Neerja asks him why he is here? She forgot that he used to believe what he saw with his own eyes. If he was happy to see her in jail. He would have read many things about her in the newspaper. If he has any questions about her? She asks him to say what he wants? Abhir requests the constable to release Neerja’s hands. Neerja thanked him. Abhir thanked her. He says that he came to say it to her. She called the police to save him and his family from Sheik. She asks him who informed him about it? He says that her face said it to him. She denies it. Abhir asks her what she was doing on his engagement day. He says that she cuts her hand to stop him signing the deal. She intentionally ruined the agreement paper.


Neerja says that she tried a lot to make him understand it. But he didn’t understand her situation. Neerja asks him why would he believe a girl from Sonagachi? He says that it’s not a matter of Sonagachi. Who is she? She is showing a different face to him. He doesn’t know which Neerja is real? Neerja says to him that she is the same. He considered her Sonagachi’s girl. Everytime his eyes didn’t tell the truth to him. Abhir asks her, then why was she quiet? She tells him that she is fed up. She is tired of proving her innocence.
She is tired of making others understand it. She is tired of thinking about others. Neerja says that everyone is asking her. But the answer is with him. She thanked him for meeting her in the jail. She admits that she called the police. She asks him to go back to his life. Their life is different. She says that he got engaged.

Abhir says that it’s just half the truth. She saved him from the police. She ruined her name to save him. She gave pain to herself to save him. He needed an answer to his question. Neerja says that she doesn’t have an answer. He couldn’t do anything to hear her answer. It’s in the darkness. Abhir was adamant to hear her answer. Neerja says that he can’t understand it. Abhir asks her to try it at least. Neerja says that he knew it. He doesn’t understand it. He can ask his heart about it. She asks him to listen to his heart. She touched his heart. He asks her to say it. Neerja says that he doesn’t understand it after hearing from his heart. Neerja says to Abhir that he saw her dancing. She saw her with Sheik, but not her love. He didn’t understand her love for him. She expressed her love for him. He was surprised to hear it. Neerja says to Abhir that she doesn’t know when she fell in love with him. Her love is the reason she did it all. She didn’t even know his name when she met him. She fell in love with him after she saw his character. What was her place in his life? True love is to protect their love. She feels relieved now after sharing her feelings with him. She asks him to leave here and start a life with Trisha. He had to remember her dark side. She is a nightmare of his.

Abhir leaves from there while recalling Neerja’s words. He says to Satark that Neerja loves him. Satark asks Abhir if Neerja said it? Abhir says that she was in jail to save his family. Satark asks him to control himself. He is going to marry Trisha. Abhir says that no one is able to change his destiny. Meanwhile, Abhir returns home. He asks the lawyer to use the money and power. He had to take Neerja and Protima out of jail at any cost.
Moushmi asks Abhir how he will change his side like that? Bijoy asks him to stay away from Neerja. Abhir asks him if he is saying it all? She did a lot for him and his family. He shouldn’t say it. Kaushik says that she received money for everything. Abhir says that they are insulting a person’s feelings by giving money. Munmun says that he is aware of Neerja. She is on his mind. He asks her to stop it. Trisha says that he supports her a lot. Abhir says that they made her push in this situation. He wouldn’t allow her to struggle alone. Moushmi emotionally blackmails him not to help Neerja and ruins their family name. She asks him to promise her

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