Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Didun abducts the girls

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 22nd November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Protima saying to Neerja that she is facing this situation because of her. She thought about giving a good future for her. But she also ended up like her. Neerja says to her that she is happy. She can stay here 8 years. Didun’s eyes won’t fall on her here. She is safe. Let’s leave far from Sonagachi and Didun. We can start a new life there. Neerja hugs her and cries. Abhir feels emotional about hearing it. Neerja feels his presence. He watched them secretly. Later, Abhir recalls the way Neerja tried to stop Abhir from signing the deal. Shefali asked him to thank god for escaping from Sheik. Neerja said to him that he didn’t feel her love. Abhir thinks that she ruined her life for his life. It was his time to show his love to her. Meanwhile, Shabho Rani says to Didun that she is worrying about Abhir unnecessary. She faced many people like Abhir in her life. Didun says that he is different.


Abhir is blind in love. Shabho asks her what if Abhir took Neerja out of jail? She says that she is also thinking about it. She has to do something. Later, Didun meets Moushumi. She says to Didun that she doesn’t like her to meet her often. Didun asks her not to bring up this topic often. She asks Mousumi to stop Abhir from visiting Baadi often or else her family will lose their reputation. If he tries to mess up with her again, then she won’t leave him. Moushmi says that she can’t do anything against them. She is warning her. Didun says that she has nothing to lose in her hand. But Moushmi isn’t like that. She asks her to stop Abhir or else her husband will visit her baadi again. She asks her to perform Trisha’s wedding with Abhir. He is a good person, so save him. Didun leaves from there.

Abhir reaches the spot. He is searching for the girls. Neerja was saved once. Satark asks Abhir if those girls agree to go with them? They are searching for the address. Abhir notices that no one is in that house. He gets suspicious. He says to Satark that this charcoal is burning. It seemed someone was there a few minutes before. Satark asks him, then where are they? Didun abducted them at the right time. Chakri says to Didun that she didn’t inform Abhir about anything. Didun says that she didn’t know anything but Shabho Rani knew it. She saw Chakri revealing everything to Abhir. Didun says that she won’t allow it. Chakri asks her to forgive her. She made a mistake. She just wanted Neerja to return to Baadi. Didun says that she can’t go to jail for that. She gives flogging to her.

Neerja asks Protima to drink the water. She refuses to drink it. Neerja says that she shouldn’t be adamant like this. Protima says that she won’t drink anything until her daughter gets justice. Neerja says that she can’t change her fate. Protima says that god has to prove she is also a mom. Shefali says to her that it’s time for hearing. Protima asked her to save her daughter. Shefali says that she will definitely get punishment. She can reduce her imprisonment using her power. Neerja says that she can accept this punishment because she did it for her love. But Protima shouldn’t be punished. Later, Didun is getting ready to attend Neerja’s hearing. She says that Baadi is not a place for love. She is selling love here. Shabbo Rani asks her to shift the girls from there. The prosecutor asks the judge to punish Neerja for her dirty deeds. He insults her in front of the judge. He says that she is involved in girl trafficking. If he punishes her, then we could save a girl’s children. Later, Didun asks the driver to drive faster if she wants to attend the hearing. She is talking with someone on the phone about Neerja. The lawyer is arguing in favour of Neerja. He asked the judge to investigate it properly. Someone framed her in it. The prosecutor asked him to punish her with 10 years imprisonment. Abhir comes there.

Episode end

Precap; Abhir to prove Neerja’s innocence

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