Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 26th January 2024 Written Update: Neerja catch Trisha red-handed

Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan 26th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neerja trying to contact Abhir. Kaushik comes there. He asks her if she is scared of him? She isn’t revealing the truth to anyone. It seems Sonagachi’s past isn’t leaving her. Neerja asks him to stop it. She is silent that doesn’t meant that she is a coward. She is giving respect to him. He doesn’t deserves this place. Kaushik makes fun of her. She tells him that she can reveal the truth to Abhir. He will definitely believe her. She doesn’t want to prove that Bijoy’s upbringing is wrong. Munmun leads a pity life. She is hiding the truth for this family sake. Kaushik says that she can’t do anything. He puts toss there. He says that if Abhir learns the truth then he will leave the house. If she hides the truth then he can spend time with her. He is won in both side. Soon she will becomes his asap. He leaves from there. Neerja feels disgusting.


Sartaj is about to collide with Neerja. He apologized to her. Neerja says to him that he gave the milk to her on that day. She was unwell after she drunk it. He says that it’s a fresh milk from the fridge. He says that he collided with Trisha on that day. There is a chance she did it. Neerja says that she won’t do it. Neerja thinks that Didun is using her to do it all. Neerja asks Trisha why did she do it? Trisha says that she did a lot. Neerja says that she didn’t think about Abhir when she gave that milk to her. Trisha is about to blabber the truth but managed to lie. Neerja says that she sent the sample to check what was mixed in it? Trisha says that she is creating a story. Trisha says that Abhir will believe her not her. Neerja denies it. Trisha admits that it’s a sleeping pills. Neerja says that she admitted the truth. She says that she is helping Didun. Once she entered into the jungle she can’t escape from it. Neerja asks her to pack her things and leave.

At night, Neerja notices Didun in the garden. She thinks what’s she doing here at this time. Neerja asks Didun why she is behind her? Didun says that she can’t live without her. She will make her next Didun in the Baadi. Neerja says that if she know the meaning of wedding, wife then she would have felt the love. Neerja says that she gave sleeping pills to her using Trisha. She won’t allow it. Didun asks her what she is capable to do? Didun asks her to come back to Baadi. Didun says that she is a lucky person. She asks her to enjoy in the Baadi. Neerja gives a fitting reply to her. Didun tried to manipulate her. She puts the dhuppatta on her head and says that she looks pretty in this widow dress. She will definitely make her widow. If she refuse to come back to Baadi. Didun says that she has to dance in Baadi for few hours and return to home. She leaves from there.

Neerja serving food to Abhir after tasting it. Mousumi asks her if she thinking that they will add poison in his food. They are not his enemy. Neerja says that she can’t feel peace after whatever happened in this house. Someone is trying to harm him. Trisha asks her to stop her lie. She is leaving from this house. She says that Neerja asked her to leave. It’s not her house but Neerja’s house. Moushmi stops her. Abhir asks her if she demand her to leave. Moushmi says that she isn’t died yet. Neerja says that she can’t change the truth that She is his wife. Trisha has to move on in his life. Mousumi says that she isn’t her mom or sister to think about her. She says that she is taking advantage of Abhir. She can fool Abhir not them. Trisha will stay in this house.

Episode end

Precap; Chakri to seek Neerja’s help

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